Looking at buying a new watch suitable for use in the field ranges etc.

The G Shocks are very good, the standard Casios are good, what are you planning on using it for? Ive lost two G shocks in water due to people grabbing it instead of me, the strap pins just ping out, I suppose its the weak link in any watch.

Just noticed you mention Protrek, do you need an altimeter, etc etc etc etc, If you dont need it, get a standard G Shock, if you arent a clumsy twat, get a Casio black watch with a black strap.
At the moment general use walking around camp, using in the field, has to be able to withstand the odd thrashing i.e. crawling through puddles etc. Then when pass out will obviously have to withstand operations and such like. The Barometer on it come's in handy as so does the temperature and the compass, the Altimeter is useless and isn't accurate tried the cheap Casio but the strap's are useless.
If the barometer is working okay and the altimeter isn't, RTFM. The altimeter needs to be constantly updated as although you may be sat in your room all day, the air pressure may drop resulting in an apparent rise in your altitude.
So constantly check your datum against known constants (if on the hill twice a day should do it - for example when you reach a summit).
If you really want a new watch, a Sunto vector served me for about 10 years on the hills, in work & numerous ops.
I replaced it last year for the version with a HRM - the old one still works although the buttons are getting very stiff.
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