Looking at ARRSE in working hours. No really?

So come on then? Which of you cheeky arrsers sneaks a look at the site when you should be typing those returns, writing that report, compiling that CR?

Be honest kiddies, although only woopert and myself will know who's fibbing.

a. No never, that would be wrong and a misuse of MOD equipment.


b. Of course I do. It is a valid, non financial re-embursement for monies lost due to Pay Cut 2000. You can only steal so many paperclips.

Take your pick.
Wouldn't dream of it, not with SO3 paperclips posting on here with one eye and spying on us with the other :lol:


Book Reviewer
Though not a RLC poster (though who knows what will happen in a few years to my Corps?) may I just say that, in my view, if DII allows it, then it must be reasonably OK. I know this does nnot amount to official 'approval', at least it shows no positive 'anti-ARRSE' viewpoint.

And God knows, they're quick enough to block anything even slightly dodgy :)
It is the only way to find out what is happening!!

Beats doing my job any day of the week.

And there is at least one other in the office "who does it" as well!
Am sneaking a wee look now in work. Why not, not costing money and it makes a wee change :)
Of course I do....but then I work from home most of the time... :lol:

However, as a civvy (or at least, a TA soldier, so civvy 90% of the time) i didn't even know about ARRSE until it was mentioned by a visiting Brigadier who had just pinned a medal to my chest (no, don't be silly, not THAT one.....THAT one hasn't arrived yet for anyone at my place, eve though majority were on Telic 1). But that's another thread.

I'm afraid I'm an ARRSE adict who is often logged in 24/7 and like to swing the lantern with fellow ARRSEers around the world.

Digression solved......The point is, the said Brigadier said that ARRSE was the only reliable way of keeping in touching distance of what his troops want and need and think. He was a very wise Brigadier indeed! And I don't suppose he kept his ARRSE usage to when Mrs Brigadier went to Tesco's on a thursday evening!
Yes. Dammit, I do!
And I think The Bustard should become an internet cafe so -- like the septics and their beloved Coke -- no squaddie should ever be more than an hour from logging in. :D
goon_bde said:
can you access ARRSE through DII???
you mean you DON'T know about it.... might PM you smoething funny later
filthyphil said:
Approximately 95% of my ARRSE mileage is at work. Can anyone do better or am I the laziest cnut on this site?
Well how about the fact that about 95% of my worktime is spent on Arrse? I have the browser open (minimized) from start of work until I go home and if nothing else is going on I peruse the old threads. I mean just look at the posting time of this one for a start.
^Perfect solution. On in background all the time, occasional refresh of posts since last visit. And half the time whoever I'm talking to on the other end of the phone is playing solitaire or minesweeper - especially when I'm phoning into the mil network so me attending to arrse posts is a reasonable quid pro quo.

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