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Well we've all seen at least one blokey doing the whole "ally" thing in real life or in pictures, so what are your classic "looking ally" tricks and tips? and at what point do they become "twattish" does the allyness of a certain way of wearing something come and go like the fashions?

To start off the current "ally" crop i always seem to see

-Flat Cap Berets
-Folded up bush hats
-Dessies round bases noticeably lacking in sand
-Grenade pull rings on Smock zips
Hats, tailored. Yes

Pistol holsters with velcro and neoprene. Not ally.

So I am told :)
Pulling the core out of paracord and threading your dog tag chain through it.

Never seen that MSR, sounds better than the plastic tube shite I have on mine.
Det cord clips attached to scrim bands on helmets, oh and the visor clips. Boots still laced using para cord(so 1980's)
easy-wan-kenobi said:
green issue socks to denote old school

same with the white issue telic ones, i wear mine cos they are comfy as hell
My Bold.

And the socks, warm weather issued on Saif Sarrea II. Bonus.

Comfy as hell agreed.
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