Looking "Ally"

Looking "ally".

Obviously we all want to look ally (ie: professional, stylish, war-ry and rock 'ard) but...why "ally", specifically?

What I'm trying to ask is, where does this term "ally" come from?

Is it a reference to some noted person (eg: Al Somethingorother)?

Could it have a foreign root, like lots of other Army words (eg: bondook, goolie, bint)?

Anyone got any ideas?

Or do I just not have anything better to worry about?

An interesting question, always thought it was derived from Alley Cat... ie looking cool, a little scruffy and just a little bit dangerous...

And if you get caught... they chop your balls off!
I don't know where 'ally' comes from but it was certainly all the rage during 95-2000 in the 'shot. Extra large smock, ksbs, tropical combats, blacked out cap badge and the maroon machine shaped ever so tightly. Hmmm. Not sure why the catwalks of Paris didn't pick it up?

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