Looking ally Iraqi Army style


Elbow or knee pads strapped deliberately to ankles and goggles worn back to front over helmets, some Iraqi soldiers have a unique sense of style.

Efforts to mimic their American mentors or simply spruce up and re-enforce their regular army gear result in a variety of different outfits whenever the troops are on patrol.

blobmeister, he's got a carbine that's prone to failure and a set of HMNVGs which most Brits get if they need them! What's 'Ali' about that?
As for the whole looking Ally - it is very much in the Iraqi psyche to look good. Does it make them any better soldiers? Not to us, but they feel better and that means they perform better in Iraqi standards!
muzzleflash said:
Abdul's playing a dangerous game with an AK muzzle in his sacks!
Nevermind using knee-pads as gaiters....an accident waiting to happen.
This line had me thinking fondly of the CSM's reaction:

“I did not like the uniform given to me by the Iraqi Army so I bought my own one,”
As for the 'SF' geezer above - sure that's not an airsoft Walt? Looks like an air hose running from his back to his 'gun', with a helmet video for his youtube heroics to be displayed... :D
hotshot85 said:
Nice gettup, but I can see one particular draw back...

Theyre behind you.......etc, etc.
US forces regularly wear knee pads around the ankles. It is a convenient way to carry them in a quickly deployable manner (They do slip and are very sweaty and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods in the correct position).

As for the internal pads that can be worn in the new uniform, I have yet to find a yank who uses them. I am told that they simply do not provide enough padding when you need it but make the uniform less comfortable when you dont. Good idea poorly executed.

Is it any wonder the Iraqis like to buy gucci kit, show me a Brit who doesnt do the same and the start point for the Iraqis is not great! It would seem that they like to copy what they see without understanding the utility of it. A decent set of goggles, worn over your eyes, might just save your sight. For a soldier to say he doesnt need them is a bit silly (unless he is a clerk).

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