Looking a bag of shite in Public - should i be bothered?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ches, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Working in a city centre I see a few blokes & lasses in combats going about their business. Yesterday I was left feeling bloody angry seeing a tubby Sgt in 95's looking like a sack of shite tied in the middle. Walking alongside his lady he was wearing what appeared to be an oversized jacket & a pair of combats supposedly bloused into his boots. But they were hanging so low over them you couldn't tell. They looked like they were being worn without twisties & just left to hang without being dressed around & over the boot properly.
    On top of that he was bear headed with his lid tooked into his jacket pocket. That really pissed me off. I thought headgear had to be worn at all times in public. The only insignia he was wearing were his stripes on his chest.

    He looked shocking & I was annoyed at someone wearing the uniform I used to take pride in & walking around in public.
    What are the current standards as regards uniforms in public?
    I may have started my time wearing puttees way back when but I still have enough marbles to recognise someone in rag order. Whenever we wear allowed to wear uniform in public we were the height of spick & span. Personal pride dictated so, as well as the possibility of a belt round the noggin from an NCO. I remember spending about 30mins sprucing myself up in the bus station toilets on my way home on first leave way back when so i could peacock my past my old mates & girlfriends. We took pride in looking the dogs.

    It really annoyed me seeing this fella looking like & repesenting my Army. Should I give a shit though?
  2. Actions speak louder than words, next time you see him punch him as hard as you can in the throat. When he's down on the deck clutching his throat like a fish out of water, follow up with a few toe punts to the ribs whilst hissing through clenched teeth "Where's your ******* twisters fatty?". It's probably best to put the nut on his Mrs too just in case she thinks about getting a bit lairy.

    Personally I wouldn't do that though, as I feel that the TA and the ACF are excellent PR and community liaison tools.
  3. You should have fronted him up, the ensuing argument would have hopefully triggered that stroke that seems to be loitering around you ready to make it's inevitable entrance.

    Live with it, shit happens, I was an alpine boot wearing, tropically dressed and extremely handsome recce god, i used to sniggle into my monster munch as rotund men in too tight suits went bright red and clocked me bounding through town with my wavy blonde hair, divers watch and non issue grab sack.

    You see, he wouldn't have cared how you thought he looked, you shouldn't care as that life you had is now long gone and few will care here as almost every **** has been guilty of it : )
  4. A couple of our lads had some bummer pretending to be a WOII come up to them in the services a few weeks back. He walked up to them in Burgerking while they were getting some nosebag and started giving them gyp about not wearing their head dress. They were polite enough to him and informed them that they were sat down eating and rest assured they would be correctly dressed when they left the fast food outlet. Bummer now changes tact and asks why they have left their Rover unattended, only to be informed there's someone sat in it. Panicked now he resorts to the shit ***** old favourite of "I'm going to ring your RSM", we're still waiting in fear for such a phone call.
  5. If all you have to get annoyed about is someone in combats without twisters on............ i wish i had your life.
  6. If it annoyed you so much then why didnt you ask him what unit he was from ? Engage him in conversation etc etc
  7. A couple of my lads had the very same thing, some Fat, balding RMP type I believe, waving his MOD 90 like an obese Bruce Willis at some terrorist struck airport.

    If only he'd put the same effort in to maintaining his fitness standards that he did to maintaining other peoples dress standards
    .. then he may be able to complain...
  8. I saw a couple of the Royal welsh walking round Chester the other day correctley dressed but had thier hands in thier pockets. Now i would have gripped them in fine style but i couldnt be bothered and one looked like Johna Lomu but i have written to the Queen and my local MP demanding the Regiment be disbanded for such an affront
  9. Atta boy!

    But be careful of what you wish for. Mr Cameron might just be looking for a suitable sacrificial goat later today!!!!

  10. Happened to me just before I left the mob in 1999. As I walked through a service station I clocked a bloke in 95's walking on the other side, belly hanging over belt, beret in map pocket and uniform clearly unpressed. I strode over to the fat **** ready to give him the biggest bollocking of his pathetic life. It was only as I drew close that I realised it was a mirror.
  11. Well I'm going to fly in the face of opinion and sympathise with you Ches.

    These days it seems like half the forces have a bad attitude about them. Having sidies down to the bottom of the jaw, mahoosive 70's hairdo's, lack of twisties being probably the top 3 flavours of the month.
    I'm not sure but I think it might be down to the more operational side of things these days, a case of "I've been deployed, therefore I can have my hair as long as I like", if you will.

    I had a big 70's disco tache on my last Telic tour which extended a long way below my bottom lip, let alone the top one. I'm not a cunt though so I shaved it off when I got home. Personal pride doesn't cost anything.
  12. I think I'll put it down to having a bad day yesterday with not much improvement so far today. I'll relax after a good dump & a brew, then I can let the day & blokes in scruffy combats wash over me..........ooo err!!

  13. Snigger...
    Thank you. I needed a chortle. :thumright:
  14. Yes. Especially as this slob was an SNCO slob.
  15. Ches - wasn't Aldershot by the way?

    I was in civies yesterday and saw a different perspective - Toms looked like sh*te, especially this current fad of unbloused trousers and "hipster" level belts - WTF are the "Badges" doing ( or for that matter the GSM).

    I do think that this is a matter of importance, slack dress is slack attitide, is slack soldiering. I didn't grip them yesterday because I couldn't give a toss at the moment, indeed my own standards have slipped. Normally, I would not have any problem gripping a slacker as I am old school and have no respect for any Badge that allows slack standards.

    I did grip a bootie recently, walking accross a supermarket car park with no headress and hands in pockets. I politely told him to show some professional pride and conduct himself properly. He was shocked that anyone would have the audacity to do so - tough luck son, you were embarrassed in public because you were unprofessional. Interestingly the civies seemed to concur and he was the one that looked like a tw@t. I mentioned this subsequently to a Royal Marine WO2 who was embarrassed and asked for his name so he could be chased down - sadly I neglected to demand his name.

    Poor turnout, slovenly dress, poor paying of compliments = poor unit and poor RSM.