Lookfor help.. veteran that have returned their medals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alastairharper, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a freelance journalist putting together an article for the Saturday Guardian.

    I am trying to find a list of veteran's that have returned their medals and would be interested in being interviewed about their reasons.

    I wish to find a series of people from the British forces who, at whatever time and for whatever reason, returned their medals in protest; political or personal, it doesn't matter. They could also have been returned at any time; from fifty years ago to today.

    There isn't a particular 'spin' I wish to put on the piece, and that's why I'm looking at all conflicts and motivations; I simplywish to look at what different things can so outrage a veteran that he would reject his honours.

    Many thanks,
    Alastair Harper
  2. Alistair, most probably a lot of veterans have sold their medals on places like EBAY and to military collectors.A lot of them display them on their chests at Remembrance Sunday and re-unions etc.I wonder why any of them would want to return their medals because they have a gripe or two on how this and other governments handle defence issues.Governments don't give a toss on what veterans do with their medals and more so they don't give an even bigger toss about veterans issues.Just look around the country and see those very medal wearing vets struggling to make ends meet with what small pensions and allowances they get based on the DWP
    criteria.If you were to ask veterans what they think of issues that affect them most I'm sure your email address would be full with answers.T
  3. How much of your fee are you donating to a forces charity ? Have you asked the VA or MoD if they have figures ?

  4. I will NEVER dispose of my medals. I dammed well earned them and wear them with pride once a year.
    Also my son has said when I have popped my clogs and shuffled off this mortal coil he will wear them on my behalf.
  5. You can also have it stated in your will that your medals cannot be sold.
  6. Cheers, will do.
  7. And who enforces it? Do medal collectors specifically ask for wills to check criteria? I think not!
  8. You could always donate them to your arm or service museum.
  9. Guardian? Scourge of the right.
  10. There was Richard Pape, an RAF NCO Aircrew in the second world war. He wrote a book about his experiences as POW in Germany and Poland. He returned his because the Beatles got their MBEs.
  11. Indeed so, it's many decades since I read "Boldness Be My Friend", time for a re-read methinks.
  12. Alastair, I think the common thread running around is what has already been said..Government would'nt give a damn. Now then, if a top notch General, on TV, said that he was returning his for the way Servicmen have been treated, during and after Service that might be a different thing. Is that going to happen?...hang on a sec.. there's a Squadron of pigs flying passed the window!!!
  13. Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the help. It's a shame no one seems to know anyone, but you've all offered a lot of useful leads.

    You're undoubtedly right that politicans wouldn't care about returned medals but I think what makes the act interesting is what 4-8 Alfa mentioned above: it is a big act to decide that the medals you cherish are no longer worth having due to some reason or act.
    I have found old news stories about quite a few people who returned their medals in protest for different reasons; a man who disagreed with Sinn Fein MPs sitting in Parliament, another who was outraged by the government's handling of Gulf War syndrome, someone from the RAF who was issued his by Mugabe in the early '80s, and so on. Still tracking down the individuals mentioned though.

    oh, and yes I did the Tragic Marker piece.
  14. One aspect that I am not sure has been considered is that of whether a serving Officer or Soldier is allowed to return his/her medals in any case. I'm not sure what Queen's Regulations might say but it would not surprise me if, at least whilst still serving, we are obliged to receive our medals and wear them when ordered to do so.

    Any advice from anyone who knows?

    Of course, I may have missed the point and, Alastair, you may have been referring to retired veterans only.