Look what you could have won.

Bully or a yacht?

Fwuffs is better than me at this.
I'm sure she's going on about Bullseye. A programme from the 70's or was it the 80's with Jim Bowen as the ring master with some people pretending to be darts players and if they won they usually ended up winning a boat when they live on a council estate and when someone lost they said look what you could have won, a friggin car was rolled out.

Am i right?
The usual combo if it was two girls from a pub would be the barmaid with glasses who liked a word search or two and the butch lesbian from the darts team.

It was always funny watching the brainy one throw darts in a manner that had a safety distance only slightly less than that of a bangalore torpedo.
Innnnnnnnnnn one, a glue sniffing kit for the kids. Innnnnnnnnnnn two, a puncture repair kit for your granny's wheelchair.

Horrible council house game played by poor people who drank light ale and lived in rented accommodation
Oh how I loved that show ! Compulsory Sunday afternoon viewing. A bit silly really, the opening credits, I mean have you ever seen a bull driving a bus ? Or even looking through a quiz book for the right answer ? I was going out with a dart player at the time. It was kind of taken as read that I would be the brains and he would throw the arrows but I never wanted to put this to the test. Yeah, how did they divide a new kitchen between the members of a winning team.

Who kept their bully statue ? How much were the celebrity darts players paid to appear ?
In fact, his parents lived in rented accommodation and his Dad drank, well, anything with an alcohol content really.
"keep out of black and in t'red. You get nowt in this game for two in a bed"
Do you think they could remember which prize was in which red section or just aimed for the red section just to get something. Oh the disappointment when they forfeited the prize they had won because they accidentally hit the red section again. They should have given them a repeat of the prize, I mean, what difference would it have made to give them another one, it was only the same value as the other prizes ?
Some were greedy when they gambled all they won in favour of playing for the star prize. I thought some were very nice when they let another team try for the star prize because they had already won cash and prizes and didn't want to gamble and risk losing all their winnings and the star prize because they had over reached themselves and just went home with souvinir darts and glass tankard !

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