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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Picked this up today (quite literally): a G3, right? I didn't even know the Libyans used them.

    Nabbed from the ex-barracks of Gadhafi's 77 Bde in Tripoli. The amount of smashed-up sexy kit lying around there was astonishing, though less so than the vast reinforced concrete hangars that had been completely smashed into rubble by NATO.

    We fucked that place up pretty, pretty good.

    Now to the point (apart from showing off): what are my chances of getting this into the UK? The working parts are completely fused together and the barrel is warped at a mad angle. Is it still covered by firearms legislation?

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  2. None whatsoever IMHO, but I'm not an expert. I think you'd need it deactivated and a certificate, otherwise it's still a gun and you'd be trying to import it.
    You may find yourself diverted to Guantanamo.

    Isn't it too far gone to be of souvenir value? I suspect the best plan would be to put it back in the scrap pile.
  3. wrong mag. thats an FAL one. <spotter mode/>
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  4. Never mind the gat; who the **** laid those tiles?
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  5. That's what gives it curio status, no? Also, I'm an inveterate scrounger, so putting it back will give me occasional pangs of grief for a long while yet.

    Or until I find an FN...

    Also, I checked the serial number. An Iranian export model, surely that gives it curiosity value.

    And I went back today and found a **** load of these things lying around. What are they, Kornets?

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  6. I can foresee a thread which starts

    "Rumplestiltskin is currently in a grubby hospital in tripoli nursing his stumps"

    Try banging some of this stuff you find on the ground:)
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  7. I knew he'd get me a present eventually.
  8. They look perfectly safe to me...hang on just getting popcorn and beer........okay now, very smartly with a short sharp jerky movement

    smack one of those ice cream cornets with the battered weapon........ by the way that septic was smuggling guns into the uk no prob

    until one of his "mates" bubbled him!
  9. I think they are empty Kornets, although I thought they were a bit fatter.

    I wonder what percentage of the ordnance they fired ever came close to hitting an actual military target.....?

  10. Isn't that pink and blue thing on the far left a Rampant Rabbit?
  11. He always goes on exciting holidays, does he call, write, get me a present? If I don't get one this time it's over!
  12. Call that a gun?..........

  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Allegedly.....ahem......a very good way of smuggling a firearm into the uk.....ahem....is to strip it down and conceal it in a tub of grease.

    Obviously it's just something I heard about from someone in a bar and it most definitely did not happen onboard a type 42 destroyer that had spent a bit of time in Vietnam.
  14. Yum.

    I normally hate bling, especially on a gun, but there is something about a HiPower Renaissance that does it for me. Wonder if they ever did an FAL Renaissance......?

    Back to thread; Rumpelstiltskin; what takes you to Libya? Are you just going around picking up the brass?