Look up.......one fist left of Moon, near bushy topped tree, that is your target...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Skunkmiester, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. You're all going to wake up blind and the place will be crawling with triffids.
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  2. Thank god I'm by the sea
  3. They will never catch me out those pesky triffids.

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  4. I just popped outside for a fag, and saw 2 "shooting stars". I gave up looking for more after I started getting a crick in my neck.

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  5. [​IMG]

    Just what you need to deal with triffids...a smartly dressed lady in stockings and high heels, armed with a good old sten gun...


  6. Went out and watched the skies, it was piss, seen better firework shows from a tuppeny-ha'penny drunk with a box of cheap matches.
  7. I went out with the dog earlier saw nothing. Just went out with him again and I'm pleased to report he had a shit.
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  8. You forgot to mention the 'bait' in the ankle-socks...
  9. A shitting star.
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  10. Expecting a visit from Ben from 2.4 children, but in a tank?
  11. Better than anything I could see in the sky. I suppose I could go all Monty Python and pretend to be interested, then my liver is probably no use to anyone.
  12. There were two blokes bumming when I was out on the bike earlier. Not the wonky titted geriatric I was hoping for when I set off.

    Any one know how long it will take to drop 10 kilos doing 10 miles a day on the road and 4 off road?
  13. Oh, go on then

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