Look out, here comes the paralympics...........

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sportbilly42, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. As the real thing draws to a close, the organisers and competitors of the Paralympics will be realising that they have a lot to live up to... Although it's going to be a scaled down event it will still be televised on BBC. So will there be the same call for the empty seats in the venues to be filled so that it looks better on telly .........and will that role be handed over to the military again? Are there a few RSMs and COs looking worriedly at the training calendar and getting the excuses ready for why their boys can't attend.....

    "As a thank you to our brave Forces boys and girls we think they should be given free tickets to watch boccia being played at the highest level... (by people in wheelchairs)"


    Not the same as getting free tickets for the beach volleyball last weekend
  2. It's not televised on BBC, Channel 4 are looking after it, it's not prestige enough for BBC!
  3. Is dwarf throwing one of the events?
  4. BBC have now got the UK Rights for Olympic coverage, summer and winter, out to 2020.

    Paralympics went out to tender and Channel 4 won.

    The actual video feeds are produced by this lot:

    Olympic Broadcasting Services

    BBC/Channel 4 and other broadcsters just package it up for their domestic markets
  5. Yeah they're throwing the discus.
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  6. The Beeb wanted it, but as already said, C4 won the bid.

    Shame really, by giving it to Channel 4 it means that the two games aren't equal from the start, which is I feel a bit unfair for the Paralympians. However, C4 have been covering Paralympic sport in the interim between Beijing and here, so they should know what they're doing.
  7. Please nobody start a paralympic cameltoe thread..........that would be wrong!
  8. I might tune in for a bit of wheelchair rugby. Having seen a documentary about the UK team last year, it appears to be the most brutal sport since BMX racing.
  9. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Tanni Grey-Thompson has done more for sport in general, let alone her own sport, than many any athletes.

    But as said wheelchair rugby is brutal, and well worthing watching.
  10. The blind skeet-shooting is worth a look-see too.
  11. Bizarrely, I am more interested in watching this then the actual Olympics and I'm not entirely sure why. Can't really explain why; anyone else thinking the same?

    Not sure if its because its fascinating to people overcoming disabilities. They also seem more human, if that makes any sense? That probably comes across badly, but I will post a better explanation when I think of a way of describing it a bit better.
  12. I'm with you on that one mate, as you said these guys and girls have had to overcome a hell of a lot prior to becoming athletes.

    I'm definately more likely to find a lump in my throat or find myself watching TV in a 'dusty room' when watching the paralympics, especially when they tell a bit of the disabled athletes life story. Although watching women's volleyball caused a 'lump' to appear elsewhere.........
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  13. Yep, can see where you're coming from OP. All those disabled folks and wheelchairs? "As the real thing draws to a close" :) Love that line. Do you do parties? I know, shit we've got to put up with disabled people, embarrassing themselves at the Olympic Park and squaddies just won't want to be part of it. The Paralympic Games will be shit, apart from the prospect of copious and grating adverts we love, all the way through. But, at least we'll have the common decency to boycott the Games. Do you Tweet and blog by the way, OP? Looking out for you xxxx