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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stokie92, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. Im 18 an ive completed all my selection and plan to join the intelligence after basic training which i start in august. However several days after passing the job selection for OPMi. On a night out to celebrate i was arrested with a mate for breaching a dispersal notice as the area i was not allowed in conveniently was were the taxi rank was to get home. I spent a night in a cell and was given a caution and released with no further action taken.
    Just a bit confused and don't really know what to do as my recruiter at my AFCO said just don't say nothing.

    A) Is this going to affect me joining the army?

    If anybody can help/advise.

  2. Another triumphal example of modern educational standards in written English. Good luck in your new career ...
  3. What makes you think strangers on the internet are going to know more about this than the recruiter?
  4. I got arrested on a night out when I'd had a bit to much booze. I was arrested under a section 5 public order offence and given a night in the cells and a £80 fine. Providing you weren't charged with anything or had to go to court, and you paid your fine if you were given one then it shouldn't be a problem. You don't get a criminal record for this offence if you paid the fine, nor do you have to disclose it however it may show up on on a CRB check, but I'm not sure. I spoke to my recruiter after it happened and he said what I just said, if you paid your fine, weren't charged with anything and didn't go to court don't worry about it but make sure it doesn't happen again. I'd tell your recruiter though.
  5. If the vetting men ask, tell them everything.
  6. Don't say nothing is a double negative. This is all a trick to test your honesty. I suggest you go in and spill your guts about the whole incident.

  7. Good luck with joining the intelligence.
  8. Breach of section 27 isn't an epic offence. If I were you, I'd not bring it up, but be prepared to explain yourself if asked. Never lie, or be tempted to tick "no" on a form, when you really mean "yes".

    If in doubt, a PCSO or your local police SDO might (might being the opperative word) be prepared to sit down with you and tell you exactly what appears on your PNC entry.
  9. Do you have a mobile phone?
    Are there pay phones in the town?
    Have you got an arm to flag one down?

    You could have called one to your location but was mostly likely to drunk on your 2 shandies and decided to flout the law anyway.

    ******* Intelligence indeed, you should have used some that night!

    The older I get the more I am starting to sound like my Dad, I may as well go and sexually abuse my sister then!
  10. Like has been said, I would spill the beans so to speak if the vetting man asks.