Look, Just Dony Do It, Okay?

I blame Scaley and his stupid fat broads in the Lady thread for planting the idea...and the few beers I've had on a hot day... but, don't do it.. don't type:

" Pregnant Porn" or " Lactating Lovlies"
into a search engine..




don't ...curse you Scaley...
Well now that's put me off for a bit. :omfg: :puker: My taste in stroke ware doesn't run to bitches just about to drop a litter of pups. :wink:
You see?.. See?.. its like Alien.. that thing is gonna rip though any second!..

gawd... The Great White!!.. fetch me a harpoon, Ishmael!!

Damn these eyes.. I can't look away...
was her husband that black cab driver after he found out that he was stuck with her and eight little feckers??
he's gone to a better place :D

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