Look familiar to anyone?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by stameen_s, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Dad!!
  2. I don't get anything on the second link?
  3. It's not working for me either at the moment. :frustrated:

    Can I offer the following for now?

    Ferret Restoration
    Saracen Restoration

    and another photo of the Chieftan
  4. Irish Military Vehicles? Apart from some 1930's looking French Armoured cars that they have in the south, I've only ever seen the ones they used in the north, namely, the Toyota Hiace Mortar Carrier, the 'perforated' Ford Transit and the occasional unmanned and unguided Ford Escort self propelled land mine.
  5. Jade Goody!
  6. You f*cking leave Jade out of this!
  7. Thanks for dropping by our website.

    The Chieftain was a left over from the movie "Reign of Fire". It was bought by one of our members from a paint ball field! It was acting as a gate guardian.

    Irish Military Vehicle Group is more so the name of the club not Irish made vehicles.
    Though as Biscuits_AB rightly says there were some variants of vehicles but they were mainly used by our close neighbours in the North of the country :biggrin:
  8. At least you got a good one with the TOGS Barbette, unlike the searchlight mongrel which was never issued.
  9. I used to have 06 FA 47 at Osnabruck in `75. T´was my first tank. 1 Tp A Sqn. Scots DGs.
  10. This was my one and only Chieftain comd, 00EB50, after many years on recce I hated it. Only picked up my teddies 10 months later when we got Challys.[​IMG]

    Then I got 34KA62, but that's another story and photo.
  11. those bloody bone domes look familiiar,THE most uncomfortable bit of army kit ever
  12. Agreed. If you got hold of a set of staff users you held onto them. Not much help when the laser sight whacked you on the forehead though.