Look at this without laughing..............go on!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stores4Storing, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. It seems these things have been going on for years........
  2. Which one do you take first?

  3. Fuck me, Hector won't be happy he's all over the press.
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  4. Not me. I don't need THAT much eye relief. I reckon the parrot would get a better grouping.
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  5. I was thinking more of a certain handsome Latin chap with flowing locks and a balloon knot that tastes of Sherbet Dips.
  6. Failed utterly. Thanks, I needed a giggle. Now everyone in the Library is looking at me like I'm a bit odd.
  7. I guessing big tits' fanny smells of pedigree chum anyway!
  8. I think you'll find the four cans of special brew, smell of sick and the puddle of piss under you chair may be the cause of that mate :)
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  9. Those fucking ears on the girl in the first picture! She must be able to fly with those fuckers?
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  10. Fuck off! I'm not classy enough for Special Brew.
  11. Weak at the first pic....cat..."hey dont look at big ears , have a gander at my ricker!!!"
  12. And the fella looks like a your generic "pikey" type
  13. First couple are living proof that DNA experimentation can go wrong.
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