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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Op_Int_and_Spy, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. ............of that Sgts board! I'd heard rumours it was going to be big, I didn't realise it was going to be over 60 lucky winners. I wonder if there are still reserves on top of that? I can't recall ever seeing that many be selected, on the plus side it means that those sweating on their cpl must be feeling confident and those people with gapped sgts posts must be expecting them to be filled!
  2. I knew a couple of Sgts in the Corps who came close to that size waaaaay back in nthe early 1980s... Julie G and Sue B, where are they now?
  3. Yep was a big board by the looks of it. Congrats to all the winners.. now we just have to see how many of them can actually pass a CFT before the end of the promotion year! ;)

    Whatever happened to the biff D&D anyways?
  4. How fucking hard is it to pass a CFT? But hell yeah, if you can't just get yourself down the med centre with that mysterious knee injury and then just go on the biffs cadre. If you're really clever then mysteriously heal thyself afterwards and Bob's your uncle. Standards really did drop the day the stopped putting downgraded personnel on the SNCO cadre on a case by case basis. Grrrrr :x
  5. I'm glad it wasn't running when I did my SNCO cadre. I know that there are plenty of people with genuine injuries and illnessess and most of them would rather do the full cadre out of principle.

    But we all know someone with a 'laminated biff chit' and it would grip my shit to cross the cattle grid onto Sennybridge knowing that there was one of them back at camp avoiding the exercise phase. :x

    I was surprised at the size of the board. Looks as it they're going to fill all the gapped uplift posts in 4 MI Bn. I also agree with the earlier post that said the Cpl's board will be large as well. If anyone's seen those MCM Div briefs that did the rounds a while back you'll remember that the promotion 'pyramid' looked more like a sombrero with a whole lost tribe of LCpl's at the bottom.