Look at the fcuking state

Of these cnuts. Sad,sad thing that the poor kid was killed and all that, but look at the fcuking state of the parents. Please don't tell me that they rocked up to the funeral dressed like that.


The poor kid is probably better off where she is than being brought up by these fcuking mongs.
I know they are Chavs etc but you have to feel sorry for the father, Ryan he has done nothing wrong really, if I were in his shoes I wouldnt want my ex's new partner carrying the coffin.
Chavs, fair enough, however the blokes just lost his daughter because his ex's new fella and family couln't keep the door to the roof shut! Then his dad was stabbed and his dads partner killed. Who cares what baseball cap he wears. This should never have happened.

Not drinking round his area though!!
New here, just my 2 cents worth cos this pair are scum of the highest order.

Nail gun the fellas nads to the nearest co op, aldi, pound saver wall so we can pelt him with bricks. Maybe cover her hairy parts in chum and set the rotty on her, errrr on second thoughts shes probably done that already, dirty stinking gypo!