Look At The Bombs On That

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ExPara, Aug 30, 2005.

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  1. godbless the yanks....
  2. J_D

    J_D LE

    Now, if Darth could get a good feel, he maybe able to tell us if they are real!
  3. i think i'm in love
  4. Well thats my search for a new (PC)wallpaper taken care of. :D She is fabulous, and unless I'm very much mistaken, they're real.
  5. Disgraceful.

    Look at the state of the ordnance. No wonder the USAF keep missing things - if the JDAM heads are in equally bad nick, I'm not surprised.
  6. I think I'm in love. :D

    Just for the record, could people please put whether images are worksafe/not. I'm in an open plan office. :oops:
  7. Stab I keep telling you DON'T W ANK AT YOUR DESK, that should save your blushes!!!
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    Stab will w@nk or fall in love with anything that has t1ts or shows him attention. Now I am sure he is wishing he was in iraq now, just for that kind of view!
  9. That blue thing she's wearing, is that issue???? :?
  10. boom boom
  11. I would'nt like to be around when one of those goes off.....
  12. Lets just say that the women I saw, while I was there, looked nothing like that.

    Is it stab abuse day, or something?

    Anya you know you love it.
  13. Who cares if they are real or not ????

    there fcuking gleaming !
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Bring it on weekend ranger! I got it ready and waiting!