Look at my f*cking red trousers

I like cheese


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Third or fourth phot down 'at the polo' is a very good mate of mine rocking a cracking regimental tie/rouge pantalon combo.
"Peckham car park bar"

How tight? No wonder his leg's straight out, he probably can't bend his knees in them.

Slightly off topic: A bar in a car park? Are plod just counting the drinks downed on CCTV and then waiting round the corner?


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red trousers.jpg

Yours truly at a recent sporting event.
And not a single KRH pic in sight.
Well there wouldn't be would there? If it was a KRH photo then the trousers would be crimson, not red! However there is one of our ex CO's in one of the pictures, he is in civvies so red is allowed in that circumstance.
Red trousers... Reminds me of the most woeful OC I've ever had the misfortune to work under. Fat Nick A***man; so called because his first name is Nick, and he is fat.

Still has the impertinence to turn up at Regimental functions.

The fat, useless leprous skinned fat ****.

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