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hi ,
my son is in the process of trying to join up and has passed the barb test , his medical form has been accepted , and has passed the basic skills test . he had his interview with the sargeant recently who has recomended that he goes on a look at life course before he does his 2 day adsc . can anyone tell me why this option has been proposed . thanks
Basically it's to make sure that he definitely wants to join the Army, and that he has good enough fitness to be able to pass his selection course. It will reduce the risk significantly of him failing selection if he attends this first, and prove to his Careers adviser that he's got what it takes.


It is a great opportunity for your son to see the Army at first hand, rather than just through the recruiting blurb. It will give him a much better feel for what is to come in training and beyond, and improve his performance at ADSC. You should encourage him to do as many familiarisation and development courses as he wants to - the more the better.
what them too said above + im going on an insight with the coldstream guards on the 10th of feb looking forward to it, get a taste of millitry life and its completly free (including travel), which is great gets me out of the house for a few days :)
above posts seem to sum it up.
They're really good I went on a 4 day look at life course with The Rifles at Otterburn while at college and I loved it! We did basic drill, PT, a night recce, lessons on rations and cam and concealment etc, and a night out in the woods (scary lol)... it just made me want to join all the more but yeah it's just a really enjoyable few days and it will make your son think about if he could do it day to day because it is extremely tiring when you don't know what to expect.
The only thing I would say is, if he gets a big long kit list at the AFCO/ACIO, he won't need half the stuff on there! A good pair of walking boots, gloves, headtorch, knife fork and spoon (those foldable all in one types are useful), shampoo/shower gel etc, clean underwear!!! (you know what boys are like! :roll: ) shorts, t-shirt, trainers (for PT) and a few clean t-shirts but generally they provide everything else.

Tell him to throw himself into it and really enjoy it! :p

Went on coldstream guards insight course. but had to leave early due to hurting my knee on assault course. seems i got a trapped nerve between the 2 of the large muscle groups in my thigh. got a shit report because of it and have been told i have to get fit and go back. was told i will not be put forward for selection untill i pass that course....but my recruiter at first said wether i pass or fail will have no affect on my selection * was obviously a lie* i am going for 9th/12th lancers yet i have to pass a coldstreamers course. i find that odd really.

i didnt want to tell them i hurt my leg i went through all p.t sessions in a large ammount of pain in my leg and back untill i couldnt carry on anymore and was sent home. so really i have messed up big time as it seems.
Asherz, what relevance does your injury have to this thread? Stop trying to put other people off the insight courses with your tales of woe; you've already got your own thread to feel sorry for yourself in.

Edited to add something constructive;

Going on a look at life course is well worth doing; they're all stimulating courses designed to interest the candidate and help them to develop whilst giving them more of an experience of the army. Go for it; it's a good experience.
I think they meant that your scores on the run etc on the course wouldn't affect selection. But the fact that you got an injury means that if you go to selection with it you will probably be deferred anyway so you either:
go in 6 months and probably pass on your first go
go now, get deferred with injury and pass in 6 months on your second go.

You don't need to "pass" the course before you go to selection, you just have an injury and selection is stressful enough once, your recruiter won't want you to have to go through it twice.#

Edit: basically stop feeling sorry for yourself, use your 6 months to get fit, spend time with your family etc, you'll just have to sit it out. and there's no such thing as a pass or fail on a look at life course it's just to give you an insight. When/If you pass selection you'll realise I'm right. (I mean I'm always right, I'm female, even if 'm wrong I'll argue with you til I'm right ....but that's a discussion for another day :D )
was merely trying to point out in my own way that if you get told it wont affect your application that it actually will. yes they are well worth it and i enjoyed mine

all i will say is if its the coldstream guards course......enjoy the hill at pirbright. and have a very light breakfast on the 2nd day. you will understand why after you have finished. also tell ya son hands never crossed or in pockets else you get 10 each time =) think we did a total of about 100 press ups the first day from people caught with arms crossed and in pockets or talking when they were not suppose to, late for drinking down the fuel of life etc.
thanks for all your replies , my son was a bit down after getting so far into his application , thinking he had blown it at the interview , but is a lot happier now having read the responses here . once again thanks .
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