Look at life week! Reccommended!

I passed my ADSC in november and have a start with Fusiliers on 5th Feb at catterick. To get an idea of what to expect I was offered a look at life week up in otterburn....the middle of nowhere!

I have to say I dont normally post these sloppy threads but anyone looking to consider armed forces in my opinion MUST attend one of these, there are alot of young lads there and some *********, but overall its a great experiance that covers all aspects of what to expect in the army and really cleared alot of questions I had and has REALLY prepared me for febuary.

for those wondering what goes on there for the 5 days heres a quick brief example.

Monday - Arrive, get kit issues, evening meal and icebreakers.....Rather boring day really (BUT THE ONLY BORING DAY)

Tuesday - PT session, 1.5mile run, jerrys etc etc, navigation lesson, navigation exercise (a grueling 9mile route) evening meal, evening brief

Wednesday - Prepare for 24hr exercise, field lesson on rations, sentry points, camo and a long afternoon in contact situations and advancing, very wet and muddy but enjoyable. in the evening camp out and complete a reccy mission (simply advance from base for a mile until you find the enemy)

Thursday - More Contact advancing in larger groups, Carry out clearing the reccy location with paintballs for 5 minutes, back to camp clean up, PT session, assult coarse and competition and a gruelling PT session.

Friday - early start again and a visit to catterick visit gym, assult coarse, barracks and speak to two bunch of lads one on 23weeks and one literally just passed the 5week mark and get to ask loads of questions.

I honestly cannot reccommend this enough to get you prepared, be prepared to do lots of press ups as there are a few idiots in each group that ruin it for the rest, so long as your not retarded and can carry out simple instructions as a team you should be ok.

Still aching from the 9mile navi but since coming back from the coarse civvy street seems so much more unattractive and I really cant wait to get started in Feb and get the first 5 weeks out of the way.

Good luck to everyone in the process of joining, its hard at times but stick with it!
Sounds stupid i know, but im going into the signals (EW), do they do these or is it just for Inf?

As far as I know each corps do their own. I'd also recommend anyone thinking of joining to ask their ACIO to do one of these. They are well worth it, and it's a good way to see if you think you can handle it. I know it's only a week and is very basic, but the routine, discipline and fun is all there and you get to meet a lot of good lads. Some of the pt is also good since it'll be similar to what to expect at selection.
Everyone will now be doing a Look at Life prior to ADSC then if allocated doing a weeks PTE (Pre training) prior to they start basic training.
Captainlip ! I start on the 5th of feb for fusiliers at catterick, been looking at going on the course before i go in, thanks for the feedbacl going to ring tomorrow see if there is one in january !

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