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Im going to be doing a look at life course in 2 weeks time and I was wondering how fit I would have to be for this course? I have yet to do my selection yet but im looking into joining The Duke Of Lancasters.
The course runs from the 2nd of june to the 6th, very short (residential) and is based at Wathgill Barracks. Also its gonna be on the local TV station (channel M) so I want to be fully prepared.
If you think you are fit enough for selection, this is just a look at life course, so you should be fine either way. Just make sure you dont injure yourself, thus avoiding looking like a complete c0ck on local TV.

"I remember seeing you somewhere.. now i cant.... OH YEH!.. "

You see thats the thing, I sprained my ankle pretty badly about 3 months ago and it got so bad i couldnt even do situps!! A few months of ibuprophen and RICE and it is bearable now and is nearly fully healed, but my fitness has suffered. Like you said I don't want to look like a complete cnut on tv!!
I went on a look at life course for the royal engineers in february and it was more of a laugh if anything we played sports and did loads of things i enjoyed anyway but im not sure if it'll be different for what u want 2 do?

hope this helps!
sure you do but i think that these look at life courses are to make people enjoy and to join up so i don't think you will have to be that fit, but obviously it would help if you are. :D
Look at life courses and pre ADSC courses are there not just for the applicant to see if they enjoy it but also for the LAL Staff and your Recruiter to see if your suitable to put through ADSC aswell. You will get a course report back which goes a long way for both the Recruiters/ Senior Recruiters interviews and also the PSO interview. So 100% needed whilst there.
On my LAL, there were varied people there, some very unfit and some built like walls so there is nothing to worry about. Make sure your run time is up to scratch for the job you want to join though.

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