Look at life course

go down to your local afco :) or there will be an email to contact the place you wanna go to on the website, theyre pretty good and quite fun as well :)
I went on one for the royal engineers last month and was class real good laugh
The one I went on it was very relaxed as we had a few school kids on it but it worked for the course got to do all the good stuff
i went to kneller hall (camus) and we watched stuff like the drill (as we would have completely messed it up lol) but then we took part in the band rehearsals and the pt sessions (quite an eye opener to me lol), and got up the same time as them and what not so for us it was pretty much half and half

but we also got took out of camp to watch changing of the guard and a concert at the royal hospital chelsea

where do you wanna go?

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