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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ishiot, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so my recruiter has put me down for this look at life course in , I've signed the papers and what not, when tonight it just occured to me that I remember hearing something about this course being for kids in school and the max age being 16, now being 23 myself you can see my confusion and find this whole idea slightly worrying. Call me old fashioned but I'd rather not spend 2 days and nights with a bunch of school kids.

    Could anyone here clear up for me the age range of this course or if i've just heard wrong. Going to have to find out fast as the course is next week
    Thanks for the help :)

    Try not to put places with dates chap - Disco
  2. I think it may be a lot of people who have alreadyapplied or whatever and people you could well ending in training with. Best to phone your recruiter but if you want to join the army just go on it, they may be a little immature compared to you maybe but you could face this at phase 1.
  3. There are some comments on the "Look at Life" course on here:

  4. Had the opposite problem to you.

    I was 15 at the time and was on a course to go to Germany. Was hoping to be with more mature people who were already in the application process, however when I recieved the list of people who were going, everyone except me and 4 others were from a military prep college, and those other four were all from the same school aswell. This meant that I wasl ikely to be with a bunch of immature tw*ts and also, I was going to be the only one left out!

    However, was still up for going... then around 2 weeks before my recruiter phoned me to say it was cancelled.

    Had that planned since March.. :L
  5. I was on a "Look at life" the age group varied from 16/17 - 25?
  6. I did a look at life course, and im 21, go for it mate, i had a rite laff, show your keen and you'll get a good report. even if your not as fit as you should be, i did mine with the cold stream guards
  7. Yeah I'm just going to go, can't see them making this much of a hash up of things lol, As for the fitness that spawno just mentioned, I will be lacking on that quite badly I think purely because there has been so much snow it has been hard to get any running done at all so I've just made up for it with push ups etc lol
  8. You will get LAL courses that your Careers Advisor books you on and Insight courses that are booked by the Schools/Colleges Careers Advisor. If your recruiters booked you on one then it will be the right one for your needs. Just remember that these courses are aimed at giving you a good insight into Army life but also gives your Recruiting sgt a good opportunity to see how you handle mixing with people and judge how you will do along the process. Put 100% into everything you do on them and into team tasks and fitness as it will go a long way to decide if your ready for ADSC.
  9. I'm going on one of these next week also mate..

    See you there.
  10. I'm looking forward to it, not really that prepared, was on short notice and worried about fitness but I'll just push myself harder lol.
  11. Hey m8,

    I did a look at life course for the mericans at the start of dec, it was only for people who had already completed selection and it was a good laugh i was the oldest there at 26 but there was quite a few people in the mid 20s,

    a lot of 16/19 year olds tho that from what i seen think they can just walk through training, they will have a massive shock come basic they just about made it through the 4 day course

    So dont worry about your age chances are it will come in handy when dealing with these young ones of today :p
  12. A bit of age will be to your advantage; you've got the maturity that comes from having been around a bit longer, and when you go to basic with all these teenagers (which rest assured you will) being a touch older will not hinder you.
  13. Not all of us are so naive lol ;) whilst i look forward to the day i eventually join the army I understand i will be by no means a 'walkthrough the park' though i can see what you mean about having that little more maturity. At least joining the army may make us more mature unlike uni hahha
    just enjoy it mate its just a look into possble life in the army, and something to look forwards to.
  14. Yeah, well I've not been put through selection yet, only started the process shortly before Christmas, didn't expect things to move this fast at all honestly, chuffed that it is but like I said in the previous post, I am completely unprepared fitness wise (only done a few runs and hitting 12 minutes on my own, I should imagine that will improve with people around me anyway) Yeah I think age might be an advantage throughout the process if I'm smart enough to use it right haha. Hopefully the snow and ice shifts now soon so I can start the running again, as for this course I'll wing it and push myself to my limit and try impress.

    Side note: Got a call from AFCO yesterday asking me to call at 0830 Monday morning to make sure if we are still going, I'm a little disheartend as I'm really looking forward to going and hoping the snow doesn't hinder it (at least going there, don't care about coming back lol)

    Week long forecast: http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/2123?&search=crickhowell&itemsPerPage=10&region=uk&area=Crickhowell Not looking good is it :cry:
  15. Hope it doesn't get called off for you, this weather is annoying, though i think its the icy pavements more than anything, too slippery to run on :mad: