Look after your cocking handles!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cannon fodder, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Having a laf...so far this is fetching £46!!!

    Is it seriously that pricey to replace a cocking handle, or is this some bunch of ebayers gettin wet over a small bit of a rifle.. "Look wha I have"..,

    A2 Cocking Handle
  2. He'll be getting much more than he bargained for as the possession of component parts of Section 5 firearms is against the law and he's about to get his arrse cheeks parted.

  3. It sems to me that it's the army getting its cheeks parted. At present on Ebay there are Bayonets, bayonet frogs, Mags, drill rounds, blank brass, drill rifle grenedes, spent smoke, rifle hand guards(!), cocking handles and even fig 11 targets!
    I can see how a cocking handle could go missing (although not easily), but how the hell can you explain the loss of your hand guard!!
    I have seen in the past gas parts, surly these are illigal to sell and own.
    Why dont the armt take action? all the above are property of the MOD, and last I checked it wasnt encourouged to bring your brass and spent smoke home.
  4. Why can't the Army take action? Because the prince of darkness is the very head of this nefarious crime ring himself!
  5. Can't believe he's said that the cocking handle is "inert", is a cocking handle ever capable of firing?
  6. Yeah but they can get the rest of the rifle for a fiver down Catterick Market.
  7. Perhaps one of the red capped members can notify their local SIB Det in Catterick about this fool.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    While it is a part, I believe that the cocking handle is not considered as a 'component part' under the act.
    It tends to get a little silly when they're undefined, a block of metal being capable of being turned into a firearm, etc.
  9. Somebody sell some used flanelette. Go on. You could make a mint, 'Has been down a genuine British Army rfile' etc, 'Yours for just £10'.