Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by IckleMissNawti, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. A little game that's played on another forum I belong, can be quite entertaining, and cruel at the same time haha

    Heres how to play: A member posts a pic up of themselves and the rest of us post up pics of a celebrity person we think they most "Look-Alike"

    Here's my pic, I get told I look like "Super Nanny"



    I'm sure you can find some cruel look a likes for me tho ;)

    I look forward to the sarcastic replies haha xxx
  2. you look-a-like you could do with my c0ck!! XXX
  3. Oh dear......... I can see this turning to sh*te really fast.....

    Beebs x
  4. oh you stupid bint!
  5. I can't resist it; I'd like to bend you over your keyboard and break down your nubile back door.
  6. Ok you DO come from Liverpool....thats the only look anyone there can do....
  7. Hmmmmmm I think you didnt read the rules of the game, pictures only

    heres one for you xxx

  8. What would I want that for? :?
  9. LOL might be shite but I was told last night to post my own thread, thought it might be an ice breaker obviously thought wrong haha
  10. are you blind?? it doesnt say anything about WANTING does it??
  11. :roll: haha love the classification from a pose brush you are using there, but please do explain what way would I have to pose to not look like I came from liverpool?
  12. We still on for our threesome with Christina?

    I'm a mix of david brent and Russell crowe....seriously!!! :D

  13. ok Mr Pedantic, I'll rephrase it... Why do you think I could do with your c0ck... I'm fed up not hard up xxx
  14. Christina says only if you bring the lube this time ;)

    Post a pic so we can see the proof haha xxx
  15. sooo you sort of have a pop, but put three kisses on the end. i think youre playing hard to get darling. PM me your mobile number, ill meet you this weekend :thumleft: XXX