(longshot) Chem Warfare School in WW2 (Glenridding, Cumbria)

Ey up!

I know it's a bloody long shot to ask this on ARRSE! but it's the only place I could think of to try and find some old dogs who might have been related or know x who knew x blahblah!

I'm trying to find out info on the Chemical Warfare School, Cumbria from 1944. Tracing my grandads career, plenty of info on his movements in india and then leaving the service in 46 and joining (and eventually becoming commander of) the British Transport Police, but there's a big black hole of info other than a Sgts Mess photo of the staff at Glrenridding Wing.

If anyone knows owt at all or even had a relative that might have talked about it (but knowing the old crew, the wouldn't. Grandad only ever said one thing about it, and that's when the old girl asked him about a scar on his leg that he got on during his time on secret duties in cumbria)

Just to pinpoint incase of anyone who DOES know anything or has access to any info:
Sgt Thomas William Abraham Lucas
Definately Served May 1944


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