Longmoor Camp

Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has been to Longmoor training camp before?

I was just wondering whether it's any good, and how the naafi is etc. Thanks :)


Camp is old and decrepit.

Never seen the NAAFI open. Its just a crappy old camp on the edge of a decent but small training area.

Nothing more to say on it.
The NAFFI is now perminently closed (or at least until they have a change of heart).

Place is overrun with Cadets in school hols or at weekends

Otherwise BoS has got it about right.
Bottleosmoke said:
Camp is old and decrepit.

Never seen the NAAFI open. Its just a crappy old camp on the edge of a decent but small training area.

Nothing more to say on it.
You painted a far nicer picture of Longmoor than I could of :D

Theres plenty of trees and tabbing areas available.
Good for running around the range road. If cadets come when you are there, you will be vacated to tents as we were when I was an ATR instructor. Simply put...it's arrse!
I think young mister RE is a cassette so he'll be the one turfing you out into the tents! NAAFI's a bit pants (If it's open!). It's called The Bullet I think. Camp has a weird internal fence around a lot of the accom. Rumour is that the camp was set up as a POW camp during GW1 for all the thousands of Iraqis that were expected.

Oh, if there are cadets of camp then get to scoff PDQ. There can be a line of the feckers about 100 meters long in about 10 minutes flat! And bring your own mug and scoff rods to the cook house. And finally, the food is dog shite! Them Eggs have been frying for longer than we've both been alive!

Yeah, I could be one of them turfing you out i'm afraid :oops:

I always think fellow cadets and all that are frigging daft and such, but hey.. it passes the time I guess.
blobmeister said:
Good for running around the range road. If cadets come when you are there, you will be vacated to tents as we were when I was an ATR instructor. Simply put...it's arrse!
and if you are lucky there will be a shower block you can use, if not you'll have to go begging to the cadet instructors to use one of theirs.
Training area great, camp bogging, frankly you'd be better off bashering up on the training area with 24hr rat packs
Im one of those "little feckers" im afraid! , well just got out of, I just transferred from Air Cadets to Army Cadets, and when we did this years annual longmoor camp in the Air cadets, a group of 20 regulars (all officers with maroon berets, but not para cap badges) and a few with Commando berets had to go to the back of our queue!! and once we were done, there was hardly any "dog shite" left to eat for them!

Apologies if anyone here was any of those officers!!
May I interject here and say longmoor s an excellent facility, depending on the nature of exercise you are using it for.

It has an excellent OBUA complex that unlike the common breeze block sanitised complexes you find dotted about the place, this is an ex pads estate, so therefore you are training in realistic buildings.

There is as an SF base which can be used either on its own or in conjunction with the OBUA complex, which makes for good OPTAG type training.

Also o the camp is a 25m barrack range and a DCCT range, external to the camp are three LFTT ranges, one of which is ETR. There is also a CBRN chamber, which is in an underground bunker (great for freaking troops out, it is quite intimidating). There is an armoury on camp and a magazine for ammo out on the area.

The training area, although quite small, is good enough for dismounted Platoon size exercises, and great for tabbing, running (watch out for dog walkers though).

On a downside, the accommodation is not brilliant, but at the end of a hard day all you need is a bed to sleep in. There is separate accom for SNCO's and Officers although there are no actual Mess facilities. The NAAFI (Longmoor Bullet) is open if your unit has the foresight to book it in advance, and actually it is not a bad little place.

All in all, like I say, depending on the nature of your training, it is an excellent facility. The RMP CPU are permanently based there and it meets their training needs adequately.

Was that too much info for a cadet to digest?

Used twice a year for Ex Sea Stoat and what fun that is, especially when operating in the tunnels.


Longmoor is for winners, great little camp which hosts all manner of facilities. If you know what you want to achieve from your exercise, conduct a thorough recce before hand and liaise with the camp staff (no they are not all poofs, before someone makes a wise crack), explain your objectives and aim, then book the facilities you need to meet your requirements, Longmoor should fulfil your needs.

If you book at the last minute, don't bother your arrse with a recce, and have a shabby MEL on a fag packet (or you are a cadet unit or TA outfit), then you will not make the best of what the camp has to offer!

No I know what it all means, but can these little irresponsible in the majority, immature, and un-knowledgable bigging-themselves-up gobsh!tes understand/ use most of the facilities? Probably not ;)

Cheers for the info anyway, however, I could well be on my way into the Army @ this point if all goes well..
I remember a feckin great muddy hill we had to grovel up - and down - and up and ............ :puker: up side was so many holes have been dug before you just had to pick a recently filled grave and it was a piece of pish!


Blazing_spanners said:
If you have the transport, get yourself to Bordon for the best kebab of your life :D

Just remember to go to the van by the traffic lights and not the shop.
The van is owned by the same people that own the shop, the shop is better, it does a mean chicken shish!!

Always rather liked the place myself and it certainly beat Crowborough and St Martins for regimental weekends. The facilities weren't bad for a central training weekend and, so long as you booked in advance the NAAFI wasn't bad, the Sgts mess looked dire but the officers mess was actually quite good as a building. Accommodation/cook houses were pretty so-so. Classrooms ditto - the Kitchener Theatre started life as the indoor riding school when it was the mounted infantry depot...
Presumably when the REME up sticks at Borden and head to Wales there's a good chance that Mr Barrett will appear with his tape measure and helicopter to produce yet more commuter breeding boxes, so enjoy while you can.
I actually found longmoor ok. Just done my public order training there and COIN. Apart from it being very wet and cold sunday it was a good weekend.

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