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I knew a Para in the careers office in Southampton that had served in the Falklands - I believe he's still serving on some sort of FTRS contract. I'm sure there are plenty of GW1 vets still serving as well - probably LEs now.

There are plenty of old Retired Majors cutting about that would have you believe they're still serving.
Name didn't begin with M and end in NT by any chance?


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Cant remember that however cant stand wendyball!! Are we talking same chappie?
Few of them still cutting about in the Reserves - I can think of one sub unit location that had a Falklands veteran and half a dozen GRANBY types a few months back.

One of them had completed 14 Op tours !


I went to JLR Jan '80, my latest run out date is Oct 20

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I attended a medal presentation at my unit in July - a mate received the Falklands medal! (Was one result of the recent medals review).
There were a couple of Korean war veterans at my first working unit! :smile:
One WO2 one Long Service List who had been on DDay landings.


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The Falklands War was 33 years ago, and the (first) Gulf War was nearly 25 years ago.

This got me thinking - is anyone from these conflicts left serving, or from perhaps even earlier ones?

I ask because I saw Alastair Bruce (Sky News correspondent) is a TA Brigadier, having served in the Scots Guards in the Falklands War. What other long serving veterans are still serving in regular, TA or NRPS roles?
This man, as he has his own wikipedia page I dont see Persec being an issue:

Mick Flynn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I knew him quite well many years ago, his Gallantry awards could probably be in some way attributed to his Welsh temper.
Bootneck mate was with 45 in Falklands and still serving. Hoping for an over and above extension (past 55) under NEMS.


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It would be a rare animal that served down south, in both Gulf to do's and Afghan, though I suspect that there is such a badger out there!

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