Longest-serving female sailor retires from Royal Navy

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Well done her. Nice rack too
34 years and thats all shes got? Tour dodging ****.
A career to be proud of - well done to her. However, I still call sprog!
I particularly liked this little snippet - now that's what you call really adding value!

"She worked in the Officers' Mess delivering admin support, which then allowed an extra patrol of marines to work outside the wire".
Is it me or does she bat for the other side? Given the tree trunk thighs and her experience allowing her to be an inclusion and equality officer... just asking like.
Lets face it she hung in there for 34 years as a ****ing scuffer, she probably has bigger leather balls than half the ******* on here and she must be black belt grade A ninja at playing "in the system"

Good luck to her

Would I? Well I've done dwarves, amputees, a 19 stone torres straits islander, even navy chicks of all shapes and sizes amongst many other love crimes.

So yes I would, probably a 5 pinter/bottle of red and a dimmly lit room.
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