Longest course in the army

My boy is in the German Army. He's shortly to start a full time 22 month engineer course, I can't remember anything we had that lasted that long. What is our longest course?

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Class 3 Chef - nobody’s passed it yet......
Mine was 12 months for A2, then two years later 1 month for A1 and a city and guilds.

Your lad will get the equivelent of apprenticeship or city and guilds recognition at the end though won't he?

If he is that way inclined once he has finished his trade: I spent a week with the training wing blokes from Calw back in march and they are desperately looking for people. So much so that they are extending SNCO blokes into their 50's.
SF selection involves 46 Miles, that’s quite long.
I raise you one week at Keogh on the 'new' blood donation storage and supply course, it was allegedly a week long

it was just power point (the previous course was three days and all practical work) and dull power point at that,
it was almost as bad as the two weeks on Bowman (two weeks of having someone read exactly what was on the power point to us, the whole course could have been done as a booklet)

both felt like they were decades long
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language courses at DLS Beaconsfield two years?
Nurses spend forever getting qualified
Nurse - 3 year degree course.

As far as I know it's a construction engineer course. He's a Sgt with 6 years under his belt

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Royal Signals Yeoman of Signals course was 18 months years ago at 30 Sigs Blandford Forum. The same for the Foreman of Signals course I beleive.
Great, a location pattern, means I can target you.
Perhaps, but I reckon I'll be able to outmaneuver you fairly easily.......


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How long does it take to become an apache pilot? Starting from scratch?


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language courses at DLS Beaconsfield two years?
We all got forced to sit the aptitude test in barracks for the Pashto course. Squaddie bingo. Not a single man wanted the 18 month course, so all forty of us just ticked random boxes.

Four lads passed.

Off they went.

Back they came 18 months later.

Barely a sentence of Pashto could they string together.

"Dan, go over there and ask that farmer if he knows where the bridge is"
"Dan, you're a cunt"

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