longer flight time to afghanistan

His name is Mark Lancaster MP.I think you'll find the substance of his report,if you trawl through Arrse postings from 2007,if that is possible.
Busta-Gut said:
I don't see why the need to complain before the trial even starts, it reads to me like they are trying to do something to better what is happening now so why not give it a chance.
You mean like how all these were going to be so much better.
Paycut 2000
The new pension scheme

Busta-Gut said:
Not everyone is OUT to get the Armed Forces.
Just the tossers who hold the purse strings.


More cynical than most but I can see the principle behind this, the most obvious being if you lift with 2/3 pax and fuel for UK you can also lift with, for sake of argument, full pax and fuel for cyprus; unsure of fuel burn but Cyprus - UK will be a fair few tonnes.

The additional fuel burnt from the additional T/O and climbout, as well as the additional landing cycle on the airframe are unlikely to be beneficial to anyone in terms of cost. I would guess too that the disparity in MoD fuel prices between UK and Cyprus is small.

That said, I am intrigued to know how fuel reaches Afghan (PM if you wanted to divulge that, rather than posting to all) and in any event I would think that limiting the demand on the stuff in theatre cannot be a bad thing.

The only potential downside I can forsee is the additional oppertunity for the a/c to go tits en route to Blighty - bit of a bummer but arguably better chilling out in Cyprus than sat awaiting removal in theatre.

So saving cost? I think probably not - I would like to think this is someones genuinely bright idea. Damn I'm feeling charitable today!

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