longer flight time to afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Countryman, Jun 27, 2008.

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  2. 'Change Crew' ! Ah well, can't have them tired or dusty!

    PS: I am/was a pilot.
  3. Blimey, on that logic, BA will shortly announce that flights between London and Rome will take an extra 2 hours by going via Frankfurt and 1 hour on the return journey as it will mean passengers will spend less time in London.
  4. This must be cost led. It's got to be about fuel costs and buying fuel in the Med being cheaper than buying it in the UK.

    Looks to me like dicking the troops about to make a saving on fuel costs.
  5. The MOD saving money at the expense of serving troops - who'd've ever thought that they would stoop that low. 8O

    Maybe if they trooped all the self serving politio's around on tri-stars they'd be more inclined to fund the purchase of a newer and more reliable air frame. Or more likely some new second hand planes off some dodgy geeza! I wonder what BA and Air France did with all the old Concorde's! :wink:

    Edited for being a mong! :twisted:
  6. No actually, its about justifying troops on an Island in the med that is supposedly strategic!!!

    From where I am sitting, it makes perfect sense and the spare uplift can be used by the Island both ways. Not everybody deploys from the UK!!

    Mind you i'm on my 8th bottle of beer and sunburnt so hey ho!!

    Then again, I am going to be a lot busier over the next few weeks.

    I am still trying to figure out why Cyprus wasn't used as the staging area any way. I know fuel is a limiting factor for some areas but the logistics (to me) make sense. Don't need guys in other locations then.

    Whats 3 hours with a saving of hundreds of man hours?

    Fair enough the AT fleet is shite. This is planned to reduce that stress and hopefully still have aircraft that actually work. Unlike Telic 7 deployment from UK which was a cluster.

    CW (pissed up and bar)
  7. Oops just read the other bit.........

    Tristar fleet will fall down so everybody will by stuck in Cyprus.......Party on.....or more likely sit in a stinking hanger with no air con and no food because Sodexho do PAYD here now and only take cash!!
  8. Chummers, the last time I got stuck in Cyprus because of lack of parts for airframe, there were 300 of us crammed into a building designed to house 30, with sh!t food, and lousy rain and windy weather. :roll:

    Plus we weren't allowed to 'go' anywhere - security blah, blah blah. When you've been on tour for X number of months and get a chance of 2 weeks R & R, you don't want to spend them in Cyprus! :x

    Sorry if I sound grumpy about you're post - but it's not all sunshine and cocktails. =(
  9. Well you're wrong. Read the article - it's being done because, if it's successful it will reduce the RiP by two weeks and mean that an average tour length will reduce to what it's meant to be - 6 months. That's got to be worth a little longer in the air.

    It's got sod all to do with cost - it's never a key factor in any of the ATF's routings.
  10. Bubbles_Barker wrote:

    Yeah, and pigs can fly. :pig: And people are better off on the new pension scheme. :twisted:

    Call me cynical, but I agree with EX_STAB. It's ALWAYS to do with cost - they just like to hide the bitter pill inside a spoonful of sugar. ;P
  11. You are cynical, and probably know nothing about strategic AT :D . It honestly has nothing to do with cost, it has all to do with maximising the humbers of pax the aircraft can carry, in order to rotate a formation more quickly.

    Why not give it a chance - it's a trial. If it works the lads and lasses will spend a a couple of weeks less in theatre, the RiP will be over more quickly, allowing commanders to have their troops on the ground faster instead of waiting for them to arrive.

    If it doesn't work we'll look at other ways of meeting the requirement.

    And actually, I am better off on the new pension scheme :twisted: .
  12. Well time will tell. 8)
  13. Whether its do with costs or not its nothing to do with fuel costs. The fuel that is in RAF Akrotiri would not see any significant hit with this trial in place.
    The fuel is supplied from the cheapest supplier at the time of procurement anyway and the ship that brings it in goes on to Ascension and the Falklands.
  14. CH,

    It must be nice for you to revert to trade instead of all of this Man SV talk you're coming out with! :D
  15. A friend of mine,who's son is a TA sapper(and MP), might disagree with this new 'method' of routing flights!! His report on his own return to Uk,courtesy of the RAF,is a classic of it's kind!!!