Longcross Barracks, Chertsey?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Litotes, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Last weekend, I ended up taking to the back roads in order to avoid the stationary traffic on the M25. Aah, I thought, I know this area and I can lose the traffic. Wrong! The water was rushing off the fields and some of the roads were under water, with cars steaming gently in deep puddles.

    I successfully navigated round the floods and ended up passing the gate of Longcross Barracks as planned (well, Plan C, anyway!). The gates were locked and chained and the entrance was overgrown and forlorn looking. The MQs looked as if they were still occupied and the guards at Updown House looked really pissed off in the heavy rain.

    Does anyone know what is planned for the various bits of RARDE Chertsey, aka MVEE etc?

  2. Still stuck in a local planning mire I think.

    IIRC some outfit wanting a certificate of lawfulness so they could use it for civilian purposes in the same way that it had been originally used.

    Sounds harmless enough but alarm bells starting ringing amongst the locals when the application shows up, in part claiming Military Barracks = Civilian Hostel.

    Nice 'n close to Heathrow as well.
  3. Just think of how many Polish plumbers, Hungarian haberdashers and Romanian rednecks you could fit in there!

  4. Some of the MQ's are still in use. Parts of the place are used by film companies and there were plans to put a fair few houses on there.
  5. Being a railway enthusiast (ok, 'anorak' if you prefer) I am always saddened as trains hurtle through the station at Longcross. Some are scheduled to stop but they never seem to.
  6. When DERA split into its schitzophrenic children - Dstl and QinetiQ - it was decided that QinetiQ would retain the Chertsey site.

    Now being so close to the M25/M3, big pound signs started appearing in front of the likes of Sir John Chisholm, who decided that 'rationalisation' was the order of the day (and perhaps a multi-million pound deal for housing).

    Unfortunately, the land was originally common land (or something similar), and when taken on by the Government one of the clauses was that it could never be sold for housing...

    So, the site stands very much un-used, when in the current UOR climate it might have been handy to have had some sort of AFV R&D establishment not under the auspices of BAe System of Sytems...