Longbow for sale?????

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jinxy, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. i have a sad feeling he is being serious.... with good funding there is no end to what damage terrorists could do......:(
  2. Ho please!!
  3. that is unreal i can not beleave it............
    however i bet you some one dose bid on it
  4. Hate to tell you chaps but that isn't an american ah but a good old wah apache
  5. Quite. It cant be one of ours. The one on Ebay had a 30mm barrel. :roll:
  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    ROFLMAO I thought he meant one of these! Longbow
  7. how the heck are you supposed to fake that???
  8. I didn't check-out this thread before, because, like Biscuit, I imagined it referred to one of those things Robin Hood fired arrows with. Now, I've led a sheltered life .... and acknowledge vast knowledge deficits, but, if a damaged one has a "buy it now" price of £49,000,000.00 .... WTF do they cost new?!?!

    (or is the price just as surreal as the rest of the advert?).

    I'll try to do a bit of research of my own, while not holding my breath for an answer.
  9. Oh, it looks like the Israeli Air Force bought 3 Apache Longbows at 27 million each. Still a lot of money. Fully comp. would be pricey. Might have to be "Third Party, Fire & Theft". :?
  10. Heliduster, I know who you are! Not only do I recognise the HLS, I also recall the occasion and could date it to about the last weekin September 2004. There were only three people there, as two of us are serving (and would get in deep poo if we were to do such a thing), it leaves me to deduce that you are the culprit! Shame on you.
  11. “Richard Head” longbows……………… bet he didn’t have the P*ss taken out of him at School..

    Ohhh poor old Dic

    You really do need to get a grip on your spelling old man before you post any others.