Longback/ shortback/ other arms.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to start off another thread like 5.56 but...

    Is the Shortback bergan a similar size to a longback, or is it closer in capacity to an Other arms bergan?
  2. The short back has the same capacity as the long back, its just a slightly different shape. Regardless of the wearer's height the short back is best. Both are significantly larger and better than that other arms monstrosity.
  3. Buy the other arms bergen its great if you only want to carry little but if you are off for a month take a longback if you are tall.
  4. I got issued a O/A bergen, they are useless, if you want to carry little, I'd say use a patrol sack. Thanks, 5.56mm I feel like I've learned something.
  5. Short back all the way, that way you can actually wear it with your PLCE kit without it pushing the rear pouches into your kidneys.
  6. I'm just looking at the shortback and it looks absolutely tiny.

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    Are you sure that is the same size as a longback?
  7. Longback stops me bloody looking up and down sights when im prone because its pushing down on the back of any kevlar i might be wearing. The only solution to that is to take out the frame which isnt a satisfactory solution either. So yeah i'd imagine shorback might be an improvement
  8. The Shortback and Longback both have the same capacity, the shortback however is wider from the back to the front if you catch my drift?
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  9. So why dont they issue the shortback as a standard bergan seeing as longback and other-arms are duff and totally shite respectively?
  10. I've just filled my shortback up with kit and I've managed to fit around the same as I did in the longback. So it just looks smaller rather than actually being smaller.
  11. I'm 6'2" and have just had to swap my short back for a long back. The Long one is crap - I want my shorty back so i can look above the horizontal easily when tabbing with it! I can't comment on the all arms though.

  12. Air support bergan is basically a shortback with six extra pouches and zips for another side pocket if you really need the extra capacity.
  13. The bigger the bergan, the more the pouches, the more you put in it/them the heavier it gets to carry! daysack & credit cards!
  14. The O/A bergan was removed from service 2 years ago - you should be able to go to your QM and exchange it for either a Long or short back inf Bergan - without going outside to pay for one!!
  15. Exactly. As an ATC adult instructor, turning up with anything bigger than all arms will mean someone will expect me to carry extra rations/water/ammo/pyro/first aid kit/some biff sprogs bloody doss bag!

    I can carry everything I need , (which isnt much)and then some in my webbing and all arms. In the summer I can usually get it all in the webbing and rocket pack/side pouches. Its only 2 nights out max (5.56 has realised this already!)