Long weekend in Dusseldorf

It's lad's weekend away time of year again, and we're off to Dusseldorf at the end of November for a 3 night stay. We're stopping fairly centrally but haven't booked accomodation yet. It'll be a party of 7-10 with one MS afflicted wheelchair user.

All suggestions gratefully received for;
  • Accomodation (we usually end up in IBIS levels of comfort)
  • Places to eat/drink etc.
  • Things to do, places to see, any 'must do's' (over the years we've done go-karting/shooting/hot spring bathing, as well as the usual museums and galleries, so that sort of stuff)
  • Things/places to avoid
  • Any other advice.
We're all googling the usual sites but real life experience from you lot would be much better.

Thanks in advance


Anywhere in the altstadt (old town) is good for drinks and partying, I'd try and stay and around there as there's a lot of the hotels which are nearer the station.

There's also loads of bars down by the river which are decent for the daytime I believe you can do Rhine beer cruises.

The obligatory red light district is closeish to the station and called the Bahndamm

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Haven't been there since 1999, but the altstadt was great. Best 6 weeks of my working career.

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Does it have to be in November? Much better time to be had in summer on the river quay. Not sure the Rhein-side bars (i.e. the ones actually on the quay) are open that late in the year.

Even if they aren't, the ones in the Altstadt proper will be. Bolkerstra├če is jam packed with them. Our preferred one is Villa Wahnsinn, on the corner of Kapuzinnergasse, but really, any of them will be good. If taking the U-Bahn, Heinrich Heine Allee is the stop for the Altstadt.

The last couple of times we have been, we've stayed in the Hotel Nikko, which is walkable from the Hbf, and also to the Altstadt. It caters to the Japanese, but is cheap and good quality. Not sure I'd stay there with a wheelchair though, it's at least a half-mile walk to the Altstadt. There's always taxis and uber though.

For shopping, I like going in the Kaufhof. Seems like there's nothing you couldn't buy in there. There's plenty of tourist trap "shit shops".

For transport, the Hbf is in a pretty central location, and DUS airport is served by U-Bahn. Uber works there, and of course there's the Mercedes taxis.

Thinking about the wheelchair thing, you might be better off with a hotel right next to an U-Bahn station somewhere and just take the U-Bahn to Heinrich Heine Allee. Check that the stations are actually wheelchair accessible, they are definitely underground in the Stadtmitte.

We just came back from a weekend there in late June, and had a very most excellent fandabbydozy time.

Tagging @mush_dad to make sure he sees this. PM me if I've missed anything. In case it's not clear, Mrs R and I absolutely love going on the piss in D├╝sseldorf, to the point that we fly 4000 miles to do it :)
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