Long weekend during phase 1

I'm starting phase 1 on the 27th. I'm assuming that if all goes to plan the long weekend would be on the w/c 8th October. Just wondering are you let off from the Wednesday evening or Thursday morning and when do you have to be back?. The reason being I'm trying to book flights to get the other half over for the couple of days. Thanks.


its in your joining instructions in mine it says from about 4oclock on the wednesday.

where you going to?
IIRC you leave on a Thursday afternoon about midday time and return on the Sunday for whatever time they state.
At pirbright its on Thursday, you will do your phase 2 visit in the morning and be back any time between 3 and 5, they let you go when everyone is back from there diffrent Phase 2 visits within your troop. Although before you go the SSM will give you a stern talking too about drugs and getting arrested.
Things have obviously changed a lot since I joined, we were not even allowed off camp (other than for runs etc) for the first three months.
Enjoy it anyway, and all the best to you all.
Im on my long weekend from Winchester right now, we got on the coach to leave barracks at 07.30 - 08.00 yesterday and we have to be back before 18.00 on sunday, if you live further north than Newcastle you can leave the night before to travel by plane but you still have to be back the same time.
im also on long weekend at the minute from pirbright - nice to have sex and a beer again!! excercise all next week tues-sat should be good fun.

what you joining cid?
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