Long Weekend After Week 7

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Can_do_attitude, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys and gals,

    About the long weekend home after week 7 (providing you pass the drill test), how does that work then?
    What I mean is how are the travel arrangements for back home sorted? Is this done via train and the army give you a rail warrant or do your parents, or anyone else for that matter, get to come up and see you what you've learned to date thus give you a lift back? Parents day I think this is called??

    Can anyone clear this up?? Cheers
  2. I would think you can get a travel warrent off the Army should you need one, but i would presume most of it is done off your own back. Parents day is Week 4 (ITC Caterick) and the weekend leave is between Week 6 and 7, but i presume your on about a 14 week basic corse at Pirbright, Basingborn etc?
  3. You get given a train warrant and you finish earlier than normal, usually around 2PM or so but this may change. All you have to worry about my friend is what your going to do when you get home, my I suggest beer and sex mainly ;)
  4. You get issued your train warrants about a week before the wednesday you leave. Usually you have to go back to the address that you came to basic from i.e. your girlfriends/parents or your own place or under certain circumstances they will let you go stay near your friends if you've already gave up your house/apartment which is what i done, but you have to give them notice and ask the CO.

    As for the Family Visit day thats on week 4 and if i can remember it was about 2 days before we went to europe on the battlefield tour, they can take you off the barracks for the evening and then drop you back for 8pm usually, but if you have noone visiting you, then your not allowed off camp unless your friend and his parents bring you with them.

    Edit: If your from Ireland you will get a flight there and back courtesy of the army :D

    And another edit, i don't know if everyone gets them, but also an old jock friend of mine from my section got a flight to Glasgow, so if your from Scotland you would more than likely be flying there and back.
  5. A week before? When I went through basic many, many moons ago, we weren't trusted with our get home for free cards until the day we left. Infact, after we had changed and packed and paraded on the line, only then were we trusted with our travel warrant... Ah yes the good old days... (1999 if anyone is wondering)
  6. Awww sweet here was me thinking i wouldn't be able to get home for my long weekend due to living so far up north!
  7. its a wednesday you get home :O brilliant , well thats gd news for us jocks meshelll :D
  8. Discontented, no we didnt have them in our possession until we got in the minibus to the train station, but the CO issued them to our section corporals about a week before just so we could all check they were going to the right place.

    And yep, leave on the Wednesday after lunch and then back for about 8pm on Sunday, its funny how everyone immediately becomes masters at drill when they find out that unless they pass the drill test on that day they arent going anywhere haha its also a good laugh on the train, usually there would be a good group going the same direction from your company/platoon so there's alot of drinking that goes on in the train, we got many complaints from a bunch of businessmen because we where all singing out some of the profanity that they will teach you in the army :D you can guess what we all said to them anyway .... civvi cnuts :p
  9. Is it defiantly a Wednesday at Pirbright? I don’t know, just 1 of the other guys on a different thread said it was on a Thursday??


    Is it the Wednesday of week 7 or of week 8??
  10. You lucky, lucky bastard, in 1985 we had to give a pint of blood to the Transfusion Service before we got our first warrants home. A couple of lads might have blagged this due to having the same shape plasters that they covered the wound with :wink:

    To quote Tony Hancock "A pint of blood, that's an armful"
  11. You live around Glasgow right? I got another 5 or 6 hours on top of that bud.
  12. oh god well maybe lucky for me lol , you stay near inverness right *-)?
  13. Yeah just a tad further. You reckon ill get a flight back up?
  14. i would imagine so .. your about the samedistance for the wee ireland guys to get home basically maybe further lol .. so yeah i would think so . where is it your going again?
  15. Pirbright buddy ;)