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  1. It was good to see an Ex CMT acting as the "team medic" for Ewan MacGregor's trip to South Africa. The programme, which is being shown on BBC 2 on Sundays is an attempt to reach Cape Town from John O'Groats on motorbikes and the medical aspects of the trip are in the trusted hands of a CMT - that's right no "clinical lead" in sight!! :D
  2. Does anyone else think Charlie Boorman is a twat, or is it just me?
  3. Missed it last night as was on a session at the church, anyone know if it's on tinterweb?
  4. Ewan Macgregor has not made a decent film since Trainspotting.
    The phantom menace anyone?
  5. Not a bad gig if you can get it. The mad russian doc on the long way round was mental though.

    Wonder what the day rate is
  6. Op Signet more like...... it's all feckin road work!!
  7. give me a ring and I'll let you know, Dai
  8. knew Dai a few years ago, top bloke, lost touch though.......good luck to the man if he can get a job like that, mind you after watching McGregor in that film Dai will have to hide the drugs bag!
  9. I reacon Charlie would have had you in a scrap Dai!
  10. No! but Ewan Macgregor is a posing twat,Charlie is the only genuine biker there. :lol:

    You should have watched him riding the Dakar,anyone who can ride in the desert,with broken hands gets my vote! :wink:
  11. the medic works for Ex+Med
  12. He isnt the best advert for the type of Med work he did while Serving...Obviously put on a few pounds since then, must be all the money they are paying him now
  13. That's a bit harsh pal. I would say that single-handedly providing primary and trauma care for a mobile team travelling through two continents is a perfectly good example of any medic, regardless of pedigree.
    Dai's always been a big lad, and I can think of more than one occasion where I have been glad to have some big blokes around to help take some of the weight. Especially when I need to get some monster off the mountain in one piece.
  14. It would never happen!

    In reply to comments about charlie and ewan, charlie is a fantastic rider where ewan is not as good, but I've seen ewan pile in, pick his bike up and crack on only to pile in again, he never gives up, I've seen squaddies who are not as tough. Don't forget Claudio who falls off more often than ewan! He's swiss so it doesn't count.

    PS - The camera puts at least a stone on anyone (only 2 left to loose!!)