Long Way Down

Charlie and Ewan are doing a marvelous job

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Started tonight on Beeb 2.
Charlie and Ewan, two celeb-somethings without proper jobs getting a freebie trip that most people would chop their arm off to do.............. :x
or just two bikers who are, in case (a): very famous, and case (b): slightly famous; and by making a programme, they are actually just doing their jobs of entertaining us, aren't they? :D


Jealous much?

Ewan's celeb status is unquestioned. You don't star in 3 Star Wars films - and a lot more besides - without being fairly good at your job. Which he is.

Did you actually see the original series, Long Way Round? They went through a fair amount of grief, way above what and actor and a rich mate would ever be expected to do. It looks like the same on this outing.

Don't knock it till you've tried it. And if you can't try it, have the decency to take your hat off to those that can / do.
Managed to catch it tonight, that Charlie doesn't half like his wheelies and rightly so :lol:

Oh and I had a look around one of those BMWs the other day and they are seriously nice bikes.
I read the book of their first trip. They seem OK but they go into drama queen mode and start blubbing too much for my taste.
Everyone's got to make a living though.
Ewan and Charlie ,I loved watching the first series and the second looks excellent .

They are really down to earth chaps very well done to the both of them .


dominic said:
Ewan and Charlie ,I loved watching the first series and the second looks excellent .

They are really down to earth chaps very well done to the both of them .
Yes, very well done to them

Especially that neither of them have lied about having cancer, and neither have continuously re-registered on websites having been multiply banned because they are not wanted.

Bye now, "dominic". (Wasn't it "daniel" last? The change of tack in your username selection will NEVER disguise you, you manaic)
Fugly, we are indebted to you!
And that's not in any way sarcastic.
Yeah I watched it too. I bought the LWR on DVD, which essentially inspired me to tour on my bike on the continent.

I recognised the Team medic, I vaguely remember him from a course at CMH a long time ago. Any way....

There was too much "luvvie" man-hugs for my liking! I don't have anything against actors per se.

Its amazing what you can achieve with two actors, a back up team, several camera men, admin team sorting all the visas, satellite phones, top quality bikes , tool kits spares, top quality camping equipment and "African" Savannah murals on ya bikes.

I bet KTM were kicking their heels esp after the LWR. Sales of R1200GS rocketed.
LWR Was excellent, i still re-read the book every now and again, and the DVD is excellent.

Very dissapointed with Ewan's wife, to me it just seems like a selfish impulse to try and barge in on something that him and his best mate are doing, which i think showed on Charlie.

Apart from that, an excellent start to what i hope will be an excellent series. And it's on just after Top Gear, bliss!
The book was duller than Dull face the Mayor of Dulltown.

"Well first we went here and it rained, then we went to bed. And the next day we got up and Charlie did a wheelie and I laughed at him and then we had dinner, it was yuk...blah, blah, bloody blah"
Interestingly enough, Charlie's old man directed 'Deliverance', a great film about some city types going out into the wilds for an adventure and falling foul of some of the locals. (Charlie is actually one of the kids at the end in the 're-united with family' scene). As they have not managed to get ass raped (that we know of) perhaps he learned something from his dad....
McGregor I like, Boorman is a throbber of the highest order IMO. He was a real cnut to the cameraman who went with them on the first trip they made.

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