Long User Names Obscure "Go to Last Post"

Also, and I am using my notebook, not PC, is that unless the username is short one can't go to the last page as the blue link is not showing.

However there is a little blue dot next to the name of the thread (has a little tiny arrow pointing downwards in it) which also takes you to the last post made!!

I've checked that out, as I'm one of the annoying with a name that's too long :excited:

The blue 'go to last post' tab is not showing up all the time, the column looks too narrow. I am using an iPad though so it may be that.

The COs must have heads like beach balls with all this computer geekery in them. I bet they could make a Royal Signals Tech sound interesting.
Apologies if this is a repeat but if the username is too long then the 'go to last post' function is hidden in the new posts table. I'm using safari.
A pic to highlight the 'go to last post' button issue I raised (#25 here).


Bottom two.

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