Long Time, No See....

Hello All,

I haven't posted for over 2 years, though I have been a regular visitor during that time. I'm not sure why I stopped posting - I just did. The last time I posted, there were about 2000 registered users. Look at the numbers now...!!

To all those that know or remember me (3 1/2 inch Adjustable, where are you??- The Guru, stop attempting to get the 'Longest Ever Bone Thread Award'... you won't win), I'm a bit older, greyer and fatter. To those who don't know or remember me, ignore my last..!

I am so pleased to see the site so active. There will always be something about soldiers whining and piss-taking that I really enjoy and this forum is a perfect outlet - as long as it doesn't turn into a 'Dear Deirdre' page..!!

Don't read too much into my user name by the way - it has nothing to do with Christmas. It's an obscure link to something that is very personal to me. I was thinking of re-registering and starting anew, but I decided to keep my original 'identity'.

I'm still in and still busy and if I can help anyone in the old RCZ area, I'll try my best. (Oops - Giving the old cap badge way there..!!)

And in case you're asking - mine's a LARGE rum and coke..

Welcome back SS. Look forwards to Round 4 after the Mighty Stags put the Geordies wasters to bed. Thats if you can do better than we did against Millwall. And be careful if you go as, if you can remember that hardcase Millwaller we encountered at Wembley all those years back, they are a minty lot !
As I remember, it went like this:

Location - Wembley, full time after an England game.
Situation - Scruffy Chav (SC - even before Chavs existed) barging past Mansfield Fan (MF)

SC: Fack Orf...!! You know who you dealin' wiv...?? (points to Millwall badge on shirt)

MF: Yep... (delivers straight right to SC's chin)

SC goes down - Howls of laughter from everyone else as SC runs off looking for disinterested 'Plod' claiming assault)

Ha Ha

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