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Discussion in 'RLC' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi Lads,
    I am a long time lurker who has finally decided to take the plunge, I have been enjoying the standard of humour amongst you lads and im glad nothing has changed,I am a bit of an oldie(I hear you all groaning),last four was 2405, there were no tree suits in my time,we just painted everything green and hoped nobody would see us,my time in consisted of wagon cleaning,keeping the russians at bay, and drinking ourselves senseless,I,ll keep my introduction short, and finish by saying to all of you in dangerous places "safe home"and to all the grammar and typing nazi,s among you, if you have a problem with mine please contact www doigiveabollocks.com.
    just an afterthought,surely there must be some sort of medical treatment that mdn could apply for :wink:
  2. Welcome old man- pull up a sandbag :)
  3. Euthanasia putting both him and us out of our miseries perhaps?
  4. Were they your last four or your first four?
  5. Did you mean first four, my fellow old b**tard??
  6. oops meant to say first four, just put it down to dementia
  7. Welcome aboard we need some extra people especially with the amount of ARRSERS we have lost recently being O2 Tagged and cloaked. Nice to see you know MDN already and so confident in your first post. :roll:
  8. Tell us a story old chap, and welcome
  9. I can beat the first four,Ordinaryforces, 2356 May 1958-May 1960.

    It was sling shots in those days or,if you were lucky, bows and arrows!

    Welcome fellow old timer.
  10. Ordinaryforces. "safe home" our lads. Amen to that. Be a bit careful around here. There is a strange slithery hissing thing called Threadbare ,or something very like. If you happen accross it stamp on it.
  11. iron
    I make no claims to knowing mdn,your rolling eyes was noticed, i said i was a long time lurker and in that time i got to like certain characters for their wit and humour unlike some dullards riven with sarcasm, its my first post ffs cut me some slack
  12. Don't let it worry you. That's the trouble with senility, it ............

    What was I saying?
  13. Thanks for the compliment :D
  14. Woah tiger, we are not all lads.

    Welcome aboard. Sprog.
  15. sorry
    didn,t mean to sound patronising,its just a figure of speech when you get to a certain age,and you erm chaps have seen and done more in your time in than i could imagine,so plenty of respect coming from this end,