Long time lurker, first post. TA won't get round to arranging a medical, any advice?

Hi all, been looking round this site for a year or so now and taken on board tonne's of good advice. Last December I decided I was going to take the plunge and get into the TA (Soldier) with the idea of transferring to regulars after I finish uni. Basically, it all went well to start with, met two different NCO's and they were both really helpful and answered any questions I had. I was given the various application forms to fill in and do so. I was also asked about my fitness and told them that I would be fine with 60 press ups and sit ups in 2 mins and they were happy with 1.5 mile run time I gave (11 mins) although they suggested I get it down to 10 mins or less, which I'm working on. So no issues that I can see. But for some reason about three months ago the whole thing just stalled. They were supposed to arrange a medical for me and despite my harassing them by phone/text/email I just keep getting told that they'll get me one next week in Leicester (30 odd miles away) and then I just get told that Dr isn't in or they haven't got time. I really don't know what to do tbh, I really want to get in and start training and I just seem to be being ignored. I could understand if I went into the office in stilletos and told them I wanted the chance to wear a nice hat. Sorry for going on so much, just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what to do next to try and get it moving again?

That's just what some TA's are like. Mine was pretty slow, been there a year and still a recruit. You've just gotta keep harassing them to get stuff done.
Have you actually had your BARB test and gone through selection yet? Turned up at your TA centre on it's active evening?
Go press the button on the gate. If you get through to the Grounds keeper, try again later.
Yeah, I've been up to the centre on parade night three times and spoken to various NCO's. I've filled in the basic app. forms including the medical questionnaire. They told me to drop into the recruiting centre within a week (I think it was) and do the BARB test so I went in first thing the next morning, did it and got a score of 72 and reported it back to them but still nothing to show for it. Funnily enough the first time I went up I got the grounds keeper and for some reason he just let me through. I think being stood outside for 15 mins had something to do with it. Had some Northern Irish bloke come and try to scrounge a fag off me before he looked at me, looked at the gate and said "It's no worries mate, I've got family in the Army"- Interesting lol
Oh and to answer the question, I haven't been through selection yet. I was given the impression that selection would come after the medical and a formal interview, idk if I'm just being a tard though. Wouldn't be the first time.

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