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long term shoulder injury- would i fail the medical?

About six months back I subluxed-partially dislocated- my right shoulder at cadets. The doctors said as long as I took it easy for the next few months it shoouldn't bother me again, and gave me some excercises to do. I recovered fine over the next few months, and I thought that was the end of it, and until yesterday when while doing pull ups it crunched out again. I want to get a commission, but would I fail the AOSB brefing on medical grounds because of this shoulder injury? Apparently it's just gonna keep on popping out unless i get surgery.
Thanks for reading anyway
1 of the lads i was in training with got MD'd for a recurring dislocated shoulder

although it was funny one time watching him swing from a rock face screaming when his shoulder popped out :lol:
I dont know if you will fail the AOSB because of it, I just wanted to suggest that you go see a private physio as I am pretty sure they will be able to help. I had a problem with my shoulder, not as bad as yours by the sound of it but a physio helped me alot and now its really strong and sturdy. Havnt had any problems since.

I dislocated my shoulder as a lad. but it did not stop becoming a para, I would suggest that you go back and see what they have to say rather than rely on information from here.
i went back 2 seem them n ther guna do an MRI n thn hopefully surgery on the ligaments.
wow well if u gt into paras evn tho u dislocated it thn i shud b alrite lol cheers

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