Long term RMP (NCO) career?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ihavejamonmyjeans, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I know this has been answered before but I've also heard that the role of RMP soldiers on operations is constantly evolving, so I thought I'd ask again in the hope of receiving more current replies:

    Is the RMP (NCO) a good role to be in for a full Army career or is it perhaps better to be in for say, 4 - 5 years? As far as new experience and qualifications, promotion and pay go? Thank you.
  2. No, it is not a good career. If you want to 'police' join the civ bill and get some real quals

    if you want to be a soldier think about joining some Cbt arms or Cbt Sp arms
  3. All this from some one who has never served in the RMP. Having now done over twenty years in the RMP i have had and still continue to have a great career. You tend to find the most of the people who slag off the RMP are the ones who got caught and dont have the balls to take their punishment.
  4. Just to give your post a little creedance - what is your capbadge and length of service?
  5. Hi Wittman, what roles have you been in during your career? Close Protection, SIB etc and what have your experiences been like with postings, promotions, operations, colleagues and the social aspect? PM if you'd rather be discreet cheers :)
  6. On a totally different subject to avoid starting yet another recruitment thread... I'm rejoining after only 6 months out, I know I know.. Anyway long story short does anyone have any idea about the RMP intakes/year? I know the next one is April however, getting a simple "signature" from Glasgow in a months time I think is a little bit too good to be true so I'm just wondering how long roughly to aim off for.
    After just coming out the infantry I was under the illusion all intakes take such little time as mine did (a month or so I believe)
    Also, when in phase 2 is there any chance of choosing which coy you're posted to? 'cause if I've got to go back to Germany.... Dear me.

  7. Your re-join paperwork will be sorted very sharply, recruiting is BIG business at the mo.

    How long did u spend in the ranks previously?
  8. 5 years. The main reason they let me in due to not having the GCSE C in maths was due to excellent references/service from my last reg.
    How long you reckon then? Trying to organise the last of my savings! :lol:
  9. defo within 8 weeks, if not 6 weeks
  10. Mega, that's the best news I've had in months, the AFCO round my way have an extremely good habit of avoiding the point and being generally uninterested in helping re joiners.
    And about the intakes, how many/year roughly??
  11. Roughly about 4 a year

    you should be eligble for a re-join bounty aswell
  12. Ah, I asked about that seems I'm not, they said something along the lines of it's not trade training. Just going to have to go through them.. When I turned up they were asking for my discharge papers (certificate of service) and the little red book, that stopped getting issued in the 90's. Then even when I phoned Glasgow and they confirmed that my discharge papers were all I needed they tried to palm me off with "..Well we don't want anyone just coming back in. You could've been MD'd, on the smack for all we know.." I had to drive down to my old barracks (nearly a 4 hour drive) and go see the RCMO and get him to phone the office to convince them I am who I said I am. Not really angry as frustrated it had to come to that. Going off the subject anyhow, bitter and twisted.
    Am I right in saying that I heard the next intake is in April then June? I heard from the grapevine..
  13. yeah you're right u don't get issued a red book anymore, just a sheet of A4 - a sort of certificate of service!! Yeah the intakes are sort of like school terms, Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct etc
  14. Beautiful. Cheers for the help. Is there an option to choose which coy you're posted to? Don't know if I can take another bout of Germany.. :roll:
  15. We're going in on April 13th mate so just over 2 weeks.