Long Term Reservist. Is Full time service available?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. My Cousin is an ex Reg, he's been out since 1988, having only served for 4 years. He's 43 years old, but fitter than most half his age & A1 health-wise.

    As stated in the title he is on the Long Term Reserve, does anyone know if he could attest for a short stint. I know he'd like to get at least one Operational Tour under his belt.

    A shame really if he can't.............it would be a complete waste of a someone who is still motivated, very switched on & with a lot to offer.

    Over to someone who might have the answer......................
  2. Can join the TA aged up to 43.

    Get cracking.
  3. Believe he can do a stint on FTRS but he will need to confirm that with TA & RES MCM Div.
  4. Thanks for the replies, with regard to FTRS, I have just found out that he could have transferred to Section D if he had been out for 4 years or less.

    This would have given him the opportunity to apply for FTRS. However, as he has been out for considerably longer, this now appears to be a route that he cannot take. (Unless anyone knows different?)

    It looks like the TA is the only way forward, although he is 43 at the moment, he will be 44 next month……………..time could be against him here!
  5. He could speak to MCM Div and volunteer as a reservist for mobilisation. That way he will get back in the system and do an op tour.
  6. I was away on Telic with reservists who had been out for ages. One guy must have been pushing 50 and had been out just under 20 years. He had never seen an SA80, but he soon picked it up and deployed.
  7. Don't know if this is an out-of-date bit of info that I've just trawled up from ArmyNet.

    42. What are the age limits for FTRS?
    The maximum age (and minimum for FTRS (HC) RSG) limits are fully described in the current FTRS DCI. FTRS commitments will end on the 'day before&' the age given below.

    Soldiers (HC/FC)
    Maximum age limit is 40.

    Officers (FC/HC)
    Maximum age limit is 55.

    Officers (LC)
    Maximum age limit is 60.

    Officers (HC - RSG)
    Maximum age limit is 65, (normally 50 -55 on entry)

    I've just got the contact details for FTRS Section, so I'll pass it on to him.
  8. All change.

    Following the review of age limits & FTRS requirements, the maximum age limits for commencing FTRS commitments (Full & Home Commitment) have been raised to:

    Soldiers 55

    Officers 60