Long-Term postings.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. This came from a conversation I had today with a couple of people about their reasons for signing off/having a sad-on with the army.

    The reasons were the usual, sick of moving every year, wife needs to do aa course, kids need stable education, get on the property ladder. We then discussed whether long-term posts would solve this, what do you think?

    The army gives you a post that is for as long as you want at one of the large units (Bde,Regt, or Div). In return you can arrange a more stable life style.

    There would be problems such as what to do if you are promoted but could that not be solved by promotion in dead mans shoes to people on long-term postings, or if they choose to move.

    A reduced X-factor (somewhere between TA and Reg levels) and the savings due to these people not needing disturbance allowances or retraining every posting on different kit could even save costs overall.

    Its just an idea, what's other peoples take on this?
  2. Im all for it, but there are down sides, all the good postings would be full up and the not so good ones filled with fresh from the factory soldiers.
    The three year turnaround we have gives us a good mix of experience.
    Perhaps if it was done on a time served scale it could work. Qualify to apply for long term posting on your third move???
    Im gonna stop before i start waffling off on one!
  3. So training units would be exempt for instance.

    I reckon it would foster more cameraderie at a unit, more pride and so on, and happy soldiers dont sign off.
  4. It would also create drama's, how I love the week of creating havoc before I'm posted, under your new system I would get nailed every time?

    Also its very convenient to have a regular source of people to blame things on!

    "Oh that mess Staff? well Sig justbinposted was supposed to sort that out before he left etc etc"
  5. Hasn't this already been recognised and addressed with the aspiration for the 'More Stable Army' concept? Hence the Super-Garrisons etc. The idea being that we get posted to a unit in a Super-Garrison and potentially move around between units within that garrison. This would provide the stability and continuity of family life that has been an issue for some families, whilst also allowing soldiers to move between units to 'broaden their portfolio'. In fact, the R SIGNALS effectively already has this in place with Javelin Bks at Elmpt, with a number of units all within the same bks.

    Myself, I didn't join the army to stay in one place and would be hugely disappointed if I was going to be posted to Catterick or Elmpt for 22years! (Although I'd be happeir with Elmpt, I have to say... :wink: ) I joined up to see the world and have alway got itchy feet after a couple of years in one place. Swings and roundabouts I suppose....
  6. Surely they're still severely limited because each of the units require different trades e.g. if you're a conehead, your only option is 16
  7. The super garrison thing has one drawback. All the super garrisons will be pants and end up like Bulford, ie noone will volunteer. If most units held a few long-term positions then it could only benefit the unit and the individual. Although if the unit was pap, I bet you'd struggle to fill them.
  8. There had been talk that the super-garrison were to help people who wanted to settle in an area for some stability ie pads with kids. So you could spend a huge chunk of your career in the same area.

    The idea was get posted to Bulford then go to Tidworth then back to Bulford. You'd need to have your head read to do that one after the other. Same kinda thing with some guys who got shifted round the different units in NI, that'll be a tad harder now.

    Basically as far as I'm aware it's only for those who want it.
  9. I have had a few cans of Stella so here goes.....On paper the idea sounds ok, however, who would want to bounce around a super-garrison? Stability for wife and kids!!!! Sorry, but they didn't swear an oath to the crown. They didn't join the army, you did. But it's your career so waste it as you see fit. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.......I thought you were posted to better enhance your career. But if you wish to stay in one locale for years on end and never venture out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself then CRACK ON. I would add more but I am spent (for now).