long term fuel storage

Discussion in 'RLC' started by old_bloke, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. How long can you store Benz , diesel without degradation and the requirement to filter or add other fuel stabilisers?
  2. Petrol in Jerricans, dont go past 6months. Light ends and all that go and doesnt burn as well.
    Diesel, 12 months but most mil fuel gets extended past that. And bare in mind, mil fuel is exactly the same as civvy, in fact ESSO deliver it for use in Jerricans.
  3. Whilst most fuel is supplied from the open market via the big fuel companies it is not necessarily exactly the same as civvy fuel, there may be additives used.

    Are you sure that ESSO supply the packed fuel, they may deliver it for use but it is more than likely "bottled" in Westmoors, or locally.

    Which raises the question as to why the British Army is so keen on packed fuel? I believe that the Germans are the only other major users of packed fuel (and they have a vested interest, as they invented it).

    Is it just convenience, laziness, habit or is there a real operational necessity for fuel to come in cans?

    Just a few thoughts.

  4. See bold, where do you think iam!

    I can assure you military ground fuel has no additives in it. If we fail it when it arrives in ESSO's big tankers, it will go to the nearest ESSO petrol station and dump it in there, this has actually happened!

    My post may not have been very clear but the "ESSO" fuel is stored in 1million litre plus tanks and then used to fill Jerricans in a purpose built (German!) Jerrican Filling Facility. Believe you me, every army uses jerricans. Its the way its produced that is different. Other Armies tend to surge fill when needed whereas we fill and store.
    Every vehicle that goes out on a CLP in HERRICK has a Jerrican on it, there is a requirement for packed fuel!
  5. Oh do behave. Looooook at me! woooooooh me me me and my luverly big deepot. The fuel that is supplied by esso is fecking rubbish. I've tested it loads of times and there is not one bit of a tiger in it. And while we're on the subject, how come Esso have the contract for Frosties (theeeeeeeey're great!) I've tested them and there's no bits of tiger in them either. It's all a rip off I tells ya. And before anyone starts shouting about the merits of J/cans let me tell you that there is no requirement for J/cans, or at least there won't be once future truck gets on the scene. It is envisaged that the Army will lead the way with Hydrogen fuel cell technology and as a consequence the only fuel the army will need is water. If this gets off the ground you should be able to see the bits of tiger in the water and you will know when esso are ripping us off.
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  9. You can store it for as long as it has a shelf life. Like Carbon Hydrogen Five One Two Oxygen has already stated 6 months to be on the safe side. It's like milk, or eggs or bread. When it starts to smell sh1tty put it in your lawnmower and not your car.
  10. Sounds like a bad plan when most of our arrse kicking tends to happen in deserts.

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